To illustrate the fraud--it is not a Civil Rights Bill.

Title 29, Chapter XIV, Part 1608 is a labor law enforced by the , that establishes guidelines for developing appropriate under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (see below).

I am having nothing to do with this so-called civil rights bill.

Civil Rights of Institutionalized Persons Act 42 U.S.C. §§ 1997 et seq.

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Richard Russell (D-GA) commands the "southern bloc" in opposing not only this particular civil rights bill, but any legislation that would improve the condition of Blacks.

On June 19, the Senate the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Where civil rights are concerned, there are three distinct voting blocs in the Senate: northern Democrats who support civil rights, Republicans who favor civil rights in the abstract but dislike government regulation as a matter of principle, and the "southern bloc" which is fiercely opposed to civil rights.

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Within days, most motels and restaurants resume operating on a "white-only" basis, telling officials that the Klan will retaliate violently against anyone who obeys the Civil Rights Act.

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With final enactment of the Civil Rights Act now just days away — and with it an end to segregated public facilities — appointment of a biracial committee is the key remaining issue.

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We were afraid but we felt we just had to go on."As the civil rights bill continues through the legislative process, violent attacks against beach wade-ins and the night marches to the Slave Market continue.

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They know there is no longer any hope of preventing the civil rights bill from becoming law, but they still believe they can keep Blacks "in their place" through violence and intimidation.

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On May 11, 1964, more than 2,000 whites (no Blacks allowed) rally at the Arena to hear Wallace condemn the civil rights bill and orate on white-backlash themes.

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He knows he cannot possibly win, but he and his supporters hope that a white-backlash campaign will garner enough support in the North to intimidate fence-sitting Senators and prevent them from ending the southern filibuster against the civil rights bill.

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With the civil rights bill still before Congress, the Cambridge Nonviolent Action Committee (CNAC) continues to observe the protest moratorium agreed to in the "Treaty of Cambridge" even though the town remains segregated because the public accommodations measure was overturned by a public referendum.