We create our life with our thoughtsand the choices we make.

We have so many optionstoday and there are so many things to choose from - that sometimes we spend toomuch energy deciding what's best for us or what we really want.

Life is About Choices and the Decisions We Make

Life can be an adventure if you make the rightchoices and become a positive thinker.

Making a good choice of a life's partner

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How To Make Better Lifestyle Choices

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Making critical choices when the odds and “the world” are stacked against you. Plus some important insights about

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And remember that when we keep our attentionin what we don't want, that's what keeps happening...

AlexandraStoddard writes in her book "Making Choices": "You have to be really tough-mindedto make choices.

Barry Schwartz: The paradox of choice | TED Talk

We are making choices all the time; so we have to learn to be carefuland make responsible decisions - since they will be affecting our lives ina negative or positive way.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender

Helping young people develop a sense of personal responsibility about the choices they make and an understanding that they can do something special with their life if they choose to do so.

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Our Good Choices Information Center is open and available to everyone. We are working to provide thought-provoking information that will help you stop and think about the choices you are making in your life and how you can improve in some way. The Information Center is organized into the five sections outlined below:

We have to learn to act in a responsible manner ifwe want our lives to be better and more fulfilling.

Ok so now you have to make a choice

We welcome your comments and feedback. We are particularly interested in knowing about any articles or resources that you found to be exceptionally helpful. Also, feel free to tell us about any important choices - good or bad - that you have made in your life.

Maybe the next time we will make betterdecisions, just think carefully and try to be happy with the choices you made - no matter what!

We are making choices all the time; so we have to learn to ..

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Disclaimer: I have qualified the phrase mutual fund with the words good and equity. Equity as an asset class has given better returns than fixed income products over the long term in almost all free-market economies. And good mutual funds have been able to sustain their market edge for longer periods of time than ones which are not that good.