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This conference proposes to confront the question, What is a Slave Society?, by creating a space for scholars of western and non-western cultures to debate its implications from a global, cross-cultural perspective. Questions we hope to address include: What is a slave? Can we arrive at a cross-cultural definition or must we always attend to cultural difference? To what degree are slaveholding practices universal and to what degree are they culturally contingent? Is it useful to categorize certain societies as uniquely intensive in their slaveholding practices? If so, what societies can be said to fit into the category of 'slave society'?

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Hofstede's Research on Cross-Cultural Work-Related Values: Implications For Consumer Behavior

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Scholars and practitioners in the fields of education and educational psychology have come to agree that conceptions of learning and teaching, student and teacher motivation, engagement, learning and teaching strategies, and by implication, student academic achievement and teacher effectiveness are also influenced by a sociocultural context where the schooling process takes place. This raises the question if educational psychology theorizing and findings can be adopted to inform and guide teaching and learning in different cultures. As such, there is a compelling and timely need for educational psychology researchers to harness advanced cross-cultural research designs and look at the different key facets of student and teacher academic careers from a cross-cultural perspective. Dennis McInerney is one of the key pioneering figures in cross-cultural educational psychology and has also edited a book series on Research on Sociocultural Influences on Motivation and Learning (Information Age Publishing). His ideas and research have inspired many to examine the role of sociocultural context in motivation and learning. This volume is a celebration of McInerney’s numerous and extensive contributions as a scholar, as well as an appreciation of his personal qualities that make him such an inspiring person. In this festschrift, the editors seek to extend the scholarly contributions of Dennis McInerney by inviting internationally recognized and leading educational psychology scholars who have inspired and been inspired by his work to re-examine their research expertise from a cross-cultural perspective. The volume aims to stimulate researchers, scholars, and graduate students in their endeavor to re-look their research from a cross-cultural lens.

A Cross-Cultural Look Into The Moral Development in Children

Some question the notion that slavery need always take forms familiar to westerners and look to alternate definitions and paradigms in order to integrate the bewildering variety of world cultures into debates on the global practice of slavery. Approaching the question from a different angle, many scholars of non-western cultures have also sought a place at the table by contending that the societies they study fit Finley's definition of "the slave society" perfectly well, even if Finley (and subsequent scholars) were unaware of this fact.

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Unmotivated or Motivated to Fail? A Cross-Cultural Study of Achievement Motivation, Fear of Failure, and Student Disengagement

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This study looked to research the relationship between cultural values and cognitive moral development. Researchers studied accounting students and accounting ethics by conducting a cross-cultural comparative analysis of undergraduate accounting students cognitive moral development in the US and Taiwan.

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