Get a Good Night's Sleep: Tips for You and Your Family

Yes. Oversleeping can also lead to some of the same problems that result from sleep deprivation. Sleeping too much has also been shown to increase the risk of heart problems, obesity and cognitive impairment.

What exactly is a good night's sleep

 Nightmares are frightening dreams that usually awaken the sleeper during REM sleep.

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nce you’ve worked out what time you can realistically wake up each day, count backwards from that in 90-minute cycles to work out your bedtime. If you miss it one night, you’re better off waiting until the start of the next cycle and just getting one less overall than falling asleep straight away.

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or women, the figures double: women are down 56 minutes’ sleep each night, totalling 10 days a year. This is particularly bad news given that women need 20 minutes more sleep per night than men, according to sleep neuroscientist Professor Jim Horne, because they tend to use more of their brains than men do.

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As part of his work with sports stars, Littlehales assesses their timetables and integrates sleep in chunks of 90-minute cycles. “I’ll say OK, we can grab three cycles there, two cycles here, one in the afternoon, five at night, six over there; how many is that over seven days? Combined with a good pre- and post-sleep routine, we’re fine with that, off we go.”

Improve Your Memory With a Good Night's Sleep

In the first part of the night the non-REM periods in each cycle are long. They get shorter towards the early morning hours as the REM periods get longer, and just before you wake up, you get almost no deep sleep. This means that if you can sleep for longer, you will complete more cycles and every part of the brain and the body has its time to recuperate. Lefkowitz’s nine hours is the equivalent of a healthy six 90-minute cycles.

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his kind of extreme sleep scheduling doesn’t work overnight, he says: you need to train your body to do it. But once you’re in a good sleeping routine, most people can theoretically add or take out a 90-minute cycle or two and see how they cope.

Your partner may not be the only one missing out on a good night's rest. More than likely, your sleep is being affected, too.

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s well as limiting sugar and alcohol, you should finish eating and stop drinking any liquids at least two hours before sleep to avoid night-time trips to the bathroom. After a meal, body and brain are busy working on digestion which means that they aren’t as calm as they should be for sleep.

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Officially, women. In November, a joint survey by Loughborough University’s Clinical Sleep Research Unit and Sealy, the world’s biggest bed maker, showed that men in the UK get an average of 28 minutes less sleep per night than they feel they need to function effectively the next day, amounting to five days lost per year.

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he wearable tracker industry is predicted to be worth $5 billion by 2019. But can they accurately assess your sleep? “The problem with many of the wearables and apps available for use at home is that they provide their information through an accelerometer, which basically captures motion,” says Littlehales.