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Within ten stories in the Canterbury Tales, men and women on the way to, or in marriage provide the ostensible subject, with six tales expounding largely on love and its counterpart in marriage.

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Geoffrey Chaucer used The Canterbury Tales to explore his personal views of this dark time.

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A woman’s level of recognition in Canterbury Tales are through her class in society, whether she is young and beautiful, or old and disgusting, and her degree of experience in life....

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In the “Wife of Bath’s Tale,” a virgin woman has her virginity and innocence taken from her by what is suppose to be a noble and honorable knight and when his punishment is later to marry an older, less attractive women, all respect for his newly wife vanishes.

In The Canterbury Tales, Chaucer indirectly depicts the characters through the stories they tell.

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Perhaps, but in a rather strange way. After the lengthy attention a reader must pay to each singular character in the General Prologue of The Canterbury Tales, he is propelled in the direction of concentrating on characterization.

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However, in The Canterbury Tales, the knight is revealed as a character that would now be considered a knight in shining armor, a perfect role model in how he acts and what he does.

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to attack vices, follies, etc." Using that definition, I think that all of the pilgrims in the Canterbury Tales are satirized to some extent; some of the satirizations are more subtle than others.

This tale is one that is perhaps the most fun of all of the tales

Primarily, The tales of both the knight and the miller bring strikingly different views on the idea of female agency, and as we will discover, Chaucer himself leaves hints that he supports the more involved, independent Alison, over the paper-thin character of Emily....

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Chaucer strongly uses the Knight, the Squire and the Prioress’s clothing to symbolize how their personalities are reflected through The Canterbury Tales.

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Scholars explain that only one of the thirty pilgrims was indeed Chaucer, but other characters in the Canterbury Tales represent the struggles of Chaucer as well.

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Chaucer is challenging the reader and the listener in the transition between the General Prologue and the Knight's Tale by stepping to a new level of style, from characterization to meticulous order and detail.