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And he realizes that the next school year is going to be way different because none of his friends are here to support him.

Perks of Being a Wallflower.

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Joe, thanks for your very detailed and coherent thoughts

Once a client 'shifts' their awareness, you can see the release inthe way they suddenly relax, or laugh, or cry. After the session, theClient may understand perfectly what all the shapes and symbols andelements 'meant' in the real world, but many won't have a clue on aconscious level. The great thing is, it really doesn't matter if theydon't. The shift has happened subconsciously, the change has alreadyhappened. One remarkable, but sometimes frustrating thing is that theClient simply 'forgets' they ever had a problem once it's gone -- youmight not get any recognition for helping!


Imagine yourself in a future where individuality has been eliminated. Every human being exists only to serve the greater collective of mankind: the "great WE." You have no say over how you live, who you spend time with, what you study, or what job you get. You can't smile or laugh without reason. Every hour of the day is scheduled, managed, and policed by society. You're never allowed to be alone. And you're never, ever allowed to use the word "I," which means that you're always stuck using the royal "we."

Yes, this is the world you'll find yourself in if you read Anthem. Does it sound like a nightmare? It's meant to be. But the frightening thing is that, according to , we're getting closer to that world every day.

Intrigued? Excited? Concerned? All of the above? Then check out Anthem, and find out why Ayn Rand remains one of the most controversial authors read today.

There's also a practical side to all of this, too. At some point in your life we can almost guarantee you're going to run into someone who calls himself or herself an "Objectivist." (If you haven't heard the word before, "Objectivism" is the name for Ayn Rand's philosophy). You might have already. You might be an Objectivist yourself, and might want to have more exposure to the philosophy.

Regardless of how you feel about Rand's philosophy, her books really are popular. So don't you want to see what all the fuss is about for yourself? If you do, then we recommend Anthem as a good place to start.

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