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it's actually quite a pleasant place during the day although lacking many facilities. it seems to survive on it's elderly population.

it does seem quite sad that so many people posting on here are unable to put up a good line of argument and simply say if you don't like it then leave. that's hardly a responsible or adult line of dialogue.

perhaps it would be better whilst acknowledging the good things about Bexhill to also acknowledge the bad and make suggestions to improve it ?

as an example there is no bus service after 19.00 and virtually none on a Sunday. The Aviva buses are frequently cancelled and they are very unreliable. The renown buses are reliable but there are too few services.

The taxis are too expensive, after two buses were cancelled I had to catch a taxi to the train station. Under three miles was nearly £6 with the driver not putting the meter on. I couldn't walk as I was late.

There is no car park if you drive to the station so how about a new station with car park down where M&S will be ? There is a field by the petrol station which would be ideal.

So the town centre is dead in the evenings which is no surprise. This means there is no real choice in restaurants as there is no market for it. The French and Farmers markets are really over priced for what they offer.

The DLW pavillion is under utilised. Why not open up some facilities for our young there in the weekday evenings ? A social centre/ coffee bar and early teens disco earlier in the evenings perhaps ? They live here too :)

So why not stop being nimbys and actually think about what could be improved ? Bexhill isn't a retirement home.

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i have lived in bexhill most of my life and i can truthfully it has to be one of the worst places to live i have ever come across, there is not much to do in bexhill unless you enjoy taking long walks on the beach, my girlfriend lives in guildford and i go up there as much as i can there is so much more to do up there.

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O.k lets stop for a moment and compare our town with the other coastal towns that surround us... Yes its true that we have more older citizens but why is that a bad thing? would people prefer a chavvy town centre, perhaps a thriving drug cultue would suit? I for one dont miss dodging the piles of vomit outside the bars and nightclubs or feeling threatened after dark on the streets of my home town.

Bexhill is a lovely place to bring up children and lets face it if you fancy a bit more urban and a bit less genteel then Hastings with its thriving music/party scene is just 5 miles down the rd!!! (not even a �10 taxi ride and that is after midnight)

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I've lived in Bexhill for about 2 years since dropping out of university, though my family moved down here just before 2006 (and as such I visited sporadically between then and 2008). At the age of 23, I find my experience of Bexhill is a mixed bag, and it does leave a bitter taste of pessimism in my mouth.

I can see how the tranquillity appeals to many: not everyone (me included) enjoys the irritation caused by noisy party-goers each weekend, or that from noisy yobs racing about the streets (albeit there is the occasional idiot riding about on a scooter in the dark hours around or near Sidley). Naturally that does appeal to the older population, and as such, that's presumably why Bexhill has gained its status as �God's waiting room�.

Hastings and Eastbourne are a short distance away, and they both offer things that Bexhill doesn't in terms of things to do, so the lack of things to do in Bexhill itself is somewhat offset by that. They certainly have the noisier stuff that younger people might prefer!

For those of us who aren't attracted to the hustling and bustling of city life, Bexhill is surrounded by some pleasant countryside. There are also the historical attractions, of course, as befits the area that is the so-called �1066 Country�; the kind that you're highly unlikely to find in the city. Pretty good for someone like me that enjoys photography (so long as the weather's nice).

It is also the very nature of Bexhill that enables me to make a few firm criticisms of the place.

Because of the elderly population, the work available if you're uninterested in care is sparse. Bexhill thus seems stuck in a timewarp of sorts: there's virtually no industry to offer people a decent variety of jobs.

It also doesn't help that, because of Bexhill's location, it's harder to find work if you do not drive.

The focus on the elderly in the town leaves many young people like me in a lurch. In all the time I've been here so far, I've found it impossible to build up a social life, simply because there isn't anywhere for people like me to be able to socialise.

You could argue that I could instead go on to Hastings and Eastbourne for some pubbing and clubbing, but as I'm no longer interested in just getting drunk for the sake of it, it's a pointless endeavour.

All in all, while I recognise Bexhill has an obvious appeal, I feel emotionally imprisoned by this town that seems doomed to become petrified in the current rut it is in. However, I feel that it has great potential to diversify into a place that people of all ages and all persuasions can find enjoyment.

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Vicki and I were, from the late 90s, a bit joined at the hip. She was primarily responsible for me involving myself with the Renaissance group in King of Prussia, Pa. Both my wife and myself would change at her place and go to the meetings and stay overnight. We’d breakfast the next day and always were in touch. When she moved to Dallas, when she moved to San Diego, I was there, visiting. My wife, Shalia, joined us in the San Diego visit and we all went to Vegas. A picture of myself and Vicks, as I called her, at Hoover Dam, en drab, is the one I most treasure. She and I were close for a long time. When she got ill, I crossed my fingers and then, one Xmas, no card came back. I knew then. A friend in DC who was also a good friend of all of us, confirmed the sad news. Until today, I never knew this site existed. She was my friend and the very, very best gal pal this sister ever knew. For a time when she was President of the Vanity Club, I was her VP. We were close and caring and I shall always miss her. Sometimes, Shalia and I will still recall things we all shared together. No, not that, just deep, true friendship. I still keep her special recipe for Strawberry Salad, hehe. I will always keep it. I have so many special memories of her and our times, I can’t begin to relate all of them to you. She was my friend and I loved her (and him) as much as any friend I ever had. I will always miss her. Love you, gurl……Lexi.

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We moved here 3 years ago from Worcester and love it. There's the De La Warr for a start: we're all into the contemporary arts and used to travel all day to and from London to access what's on offer there. There's the quirky independent shops, organic produce on sale at the farmer's market; artisan bakers, the glorious promenade, the quiet pace of life. There's the proximity to Hastings, Towner at Eastbourne, Brighton is reasonably reachable, The Turner at Margate too. The surrounding Downs and Weald are stunning, plus there are more places of interest for a day out than I can list. Our first choice was Hove but we didn't fancy living in a beach hut and kept looking until we found a home we could afford: that brought us to Bex. We have almost everything we want here: bring in a cinema and theatre and balance the demographic and it would be perfect. I 'do' totally get those younger people saying it's boring: I wouldn't have wanted to live here in my late teens and twenties either and I wish there were more here for you, cos I'd really like more of you around the place. I hear that it's more vibrant than 5+ years ago and hope that trajectory continues.