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The character of General Hux was created for the film , in which he is portrayed by . Gleeson was cast in the movie in , just one day before appearing in a publicity photo of the cast doing a table read of the script. He afterward rented a screening room in his hometown of Dublin, Ireland, and watched all three installments of the to prepare for shooting the new film—he has described arriving on the set of a movie on his first day of shooting as a breathtaking, "pinch me" moment. Details of Gleeson's character, including the name General Hux, were first revealed to the public at the in 2015.

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As an adult, General Hux was a methodical commander who continued his father's program of training stormtroopers from infancy. Hux was a scientific and technologically-minded man who had little patience and understanding for Force-wielders like Kylo Ren. Hux had an acrimonious relationship with Kylo Ren and the two competed for the favor of the First Order's Supreme Leader Snoke. Hux was rankled by Kylo Ren's questioning of his faith in his men and methods. He also tried to deflect blame onto Kylo after First Order forces on Takodana failed to recover BB-8 and the map to Luke Skywalker. He likewise hated Kylo Ren, to the extent that he secretly derived pleasure from whenever Kylo failed his mission or whenever Snoke reprimanded him, and also was glad that Kylo needed rescuing from the Starkiller Base after he was beaten by Rey, a lightsaber novice. His disdain for Kylo was such that after Snoke was prematurely killed, he initially considered assassinating Kylo on the spot while the latter was still unconscious prior to his stirring forcing him to abandon that plan, and shortly afterward made clear he had zero intention of acknowledging Kylo as the new Supreme Leader, and only ended up acknowledging it after Kylo telekinetically strangled him. Even afterward, however, he made subtle jabs at Kylo's expense, as after the walkers attacked what to be Luke Skywalker himself with a rain of blaster bolts on Kylo's orders, Hux proceeded to sarcastically ask if the blasts killed Skywalker before the cloud dispersed and revealed he was still present.

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Armitage Hux was a with red hair and pale skin. When he was a young child, his father Brendol Hux regarded him as a weak-willed boy. In his childhood, Hux was frequently belittled by his father. Despite Brendol's disdain for his own child, both and recognized that Armitage had the potential to become a military commander of the First Order. Under Rax's influence, the boy grew more vicious and was willing to order his father's child soldiers to hurt each other in order to assert his authority. From childhood, Hux was raised on stories of heroic Imperials and how the Empire had brought peace and order to the galaxy following the Clone Wars. Hux believed that the the galaxy needed to be saved from chaos and that the New Republic was too weak to rein in these problems.

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Subsequently, Dameron was freed by a stormtrooper and the pair attempted to escape on a , disabling the turbolasers. Hux ordered the ventral cannons to shoot down the fighter, causing it to crash-land on Jakku. Upon informing Ren of the incident, the dark knight deduced that the traitorous stormtrooper was . Hux checked with Phasma, who noted that this was FN-2187's first offense.

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The weekend Exotic trader’s enigmatic nature has led many to overlook him as a big story catalyst, but I suspect the time for such indifference is over. Because there’s a major element of his identity we now need to consider. Xur is identified as an Agent of The Nine. We know almost nothing about who or what The Nine are – except that Mara Sov has communed with them in the past – but again, going back to Greek mythology, they’re a pretty big deal.

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About 30 years after the Battle of , Hux was the general who commanded , the primary base of operations of the First Order, as well as the -class and answered to Supreme Leader . Deeming , the last Jedi, to be a threat to the First Order, Hux, along with , were given the directive. Though First Order possessed maps from the Empire that would lead them to the planet where Skywalker was hiding, they lacked a final piece. To that end, the traveled to and dispatches a group of stormtroopers to the settlement of , where Ren captured a Resistance pilot named , who already acquired and hid the final piece of the map. After Ren interrogated Dameron, he informed Hux that the prisoner had entrusted the map to a unit. Hux dispatched stormtroopers back to Jakku to search for it and posted a bounty on the droid.