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It is significant that a survey of doctors attending an annual conference of the the International Doctors in Alcoholics Anonymous (IDAA) found that 80% believed that alcoholism is simply bad behavior - - not a disease.

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The third proposition, that medical help is necessary to deal with alcoholism, is clearly not the case. Indeed, most alcoholics control or modify their behavior without any help from anyone else other than themselves.

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AB - Universities often conduct alcohol interventions for individuals who have violated institutional, local, or state laws. Few of these programs have been evaluated thoroughly. This study examined the impact of a 10-hour alcohol education course on 400 college students whose attendance was required as part of a judicial sanction. The quasi-experimental study design had participants completing a pretest and posttest with a follow-up survey 3 months after completion of the program. Instruments designed for this study were used to examine alcohol use, perceived effects of alcohol use, risk of alcoholism, and negative consequences associated with use. Pre-post comparisons showed decreased quantity-frequency of alcohol use, reduced negative consequences, and increased perceived risk. However, only increased perceived risk continued 3 months after the intervention. Implications for practice are provided.

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It goes beyond documenting the avoidance of the issue. The study explore the reasons behind the avoidance and strategies to help people deal directly with the disease. The study quantifies the roles of denial, stigma and shame and lack of knowledge. These are barriers that make people hesitate to reach out to help alcoholics find their way to treatment.

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This report summarizes the findings from a multi-phase nationwide study conducted for The Recovery Institute by Peter D. Hart Research Associates. Five groups who are in a potential position to intervene with alcoholics were the subjects of this study. It includes surveys among:

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These telephone surveys were conducted in 1998. They were preceded by extensive qualitative research. That included 25 in-depth interviews with doctors and eight focus group discussions with members of the other surveyed groups. Finally, 20 one-on-one interviews were conducted to document the personal stories of individuals who have successfully recovered from alcoholism. In all, the views of more than 2,000 people are represented in this report.

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Millions of Americans have successfully recovered from the disease of alcoholism and are now leading healthy, productive, and sober lives. At the same time, millions of current alcoholics continue on the path to self destruction. Yet the people around them continue to look the other way. That includes those who are in a professional position to help. This study reveals that:

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These are among the findings from a first of its kind nationwide study. Peter D. Hart Research Associates conducted it for the Recovery Institute. It surveys doctors, employers, clergy, counselors, therapists, and people who have a current or recovering alcoholic in their immediate family.

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The director of NIAAA's Divsion of Treatment and Recovery Research stresses that "These and other recent findings turn on its head much of what we thought we knew about alcoholism."8 To learn more about this subject visit