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The mission of the Pascua Yaqui Tribal Health Program is to promote the highest possible standard for health and well-being of tribal members and their families within all Yoeme communities.

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Topics include: Biotech; Medicine; Public Health; The Body; and Wellness.       Journals

Health, Wellness and Aging with Disability

Her ultimate passion in life is to help others. She is thrilled to be working amongst such knowledgeable practitioners, and is passionate about the idea of a collaborative clinic. Julia believes there is nothing more important than investing in your own health and wellness (body AND mind), and lives each day to better the lives of those around her. In her spare time, she can be caught reading a book, spending time with friends and family or at the gym. Julia has loved many things about moving across the country (ultimately the mountains), but enjoys going back home to visit her loved ones.

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Courtney completed her undergraduate degree in psychology at the University of Calgary, graduate school at the University of Lethbridge and went on to register with the College of Alberta Psychologist. Courtney became fully registered in February of 2009 and since then has worked in multiple settings such as: non-profit, University, EFAP programs and for AHS in their mental health clinics. Courtney has been with Provital Health and Wellness since November of 2011 and has embraced the preventative, multi-disciplinary model of care, as they align with her values regarding patient care.

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The Wellness Center provides a variety of opportunities to our youth to be active, healthy and well, and engaged in fun activities geared towards youth. Through partnerships with several tribal programs including Sewa U’usim, Centered Spirit, Hiaki Schools, and other youth groups.

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“AdvantageHealth has managed UMASS Medical School’s fitness center for the past three years. Membership continues to rise every year, beating my expectations. AdvantageHealth is very in-tune and oversees the Medical School’s wellness program not only for members, but also for the surrounding community. AdvantageHealth has the ability to think outside the box and come up with new programs that excite everyone.”

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“AdvantageHealth is a valuable partner in countywide worksite wellness. They have the expertise to be responsive, supportive and creative no matter the size or capacity of the organization.”

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“Over the last few years of implementing a Wellness Program and working with AdvantageHealth has proven to enhance our program in so many ways. AdvantageHealth strives to be the best by providing an exceptional level of service through an outstanding staff, and has responded to our needs in every way.”

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“PreferredOne has partnered with AdvantageHealth Corporation for nearly 10 years. The staff is highly professional and customer-oriented.
AdvantageHealth always exceeds expectations in providing progressive and individualized wellness programs and consulting services.”

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The chapters on sexuality deal with what is known and not knownabout sexual response, reproductive health, pregnancy and delivery, aswell asthe psychosocial issues of sense of self, relationships, parenting,sexualorientation, abuse, gaining access to health care systems, and thepoliticssurrounding the sexuality of women with disabilities. SandraWelner'sarticle addresses several critical issues, rarely discussed: thenegativeeffects of taking estrogen and progesterone for women with certaindisabilities,the effect of disability on the detection and treatment of sexuallytransmitteddiseases, and the experience of menopause. Questions addressedareincreasingly frequent topics of conversation among disabled women"boomers'" For example, as we age with disability and enter menopause, what willtheeffects be of many years of decreased weight bearing and limitedparticipationin aerobic exercise? Are we more vulnerable to significantosteoporosis? What will the inevitable changes in tissue,strength, skin elasticity, reduced blood supply to the skin and softtissue, and temperature sensitivity mean to us?