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Numerous surviving narratives from enslaved women have accounts of such sexual exploitation by white men. For example, in 1850 a prosperous Missouri farmer, Robert Newsom, bought Celia, then a fourteen-year-old, and soon thereafter attacked her. Over the next five years, Newsom sexually attacked her many times, fathering children by her. In summer 1855, when Newsom came to Celia’s cabin to attack her again, she hit him with a stick, and he died. In a travesty of justice, Celia was convicted in a Missouri court of the “crime” and hung in December 1855. Black women typically had no redress for such brutal crimes against them.

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pp.279-81, I William M. Rogers...friends...sell all my earthly goods...lands, houses, tenements, ferry...in like manner dispose of all my perishable estate...purchase the following slaves, being a portion of the slaves belonging to Mrs. Sarah Thornton of the estate of Edward Oldham, decd: William Rogers, Betsy Rogers, Correll Rogers, Peyton Rogers, Jane Rogers, Ludwell Rogers, Thacker W. Rogers or so many of them as the funds of my estate may enable them to purchase retaining in their hands so much of the said estate as shall be sufficient to enable to dispose of the said slaves as hereafter directed, but should the said funds be found insufficient to purchase the whole of the said slaves and my sd friends be of opinion that my hiring out such as they may purchase for a term of five years or less, they will be thereby enabled to purchase the remainder, it is my will that they hire them for that purpose...after they have obtained the above named slaves dispose of them in the following manner...bind the boys to humane masters of such trades as they may make choice until they attain the age of twenty one and the girls to such mistresses as they may choose until the age of eighteen...and desire that my friends give them safe conduct to such of the non slave holding states as they may select, but should the funds arising from the sale of my estate be too nearly exhausted...a sufficient fund be raised by hiring each one as they become free of their indentures until enough money is obtained to defray his or her expences. Should there be a surplus of my estate after purchasing the above slaves...it be equally divided among the said slaves...friends retain during the life of negro woman Kizzy the following property for her use...all my household and kitchen furniture my house where I now live together with the land in the field around the house and timber from the most convenient part of the land, one choice cow & calf, one choice bredin sow and fattening hogs and three barrels of Indian corn, upon the death of the said Kizzy, my friends dispose of the above property and remit to such of the before mentioned slaves as may be heard of within eighteen months...16 October 1824. (signed). 5 October 1826.

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pp.117-21, I John B. Burchell...the following property: the tract of land called Peach Hill (200 acres) with all the household and kitchen furniture, farming implements and stock of every description now on it also the following slaves: James, Mary , Seymour, George, Anna, Sarah Frances, Catherine, and Joshua and Charles Henry with the future increase of the females to my wife Jane during her natural life...but my Executors are authorized to sell, rent, lease out or hire all the property hereby devised to my wife and loan out or invest the proceeds for the benefit of my said wife...unto my executors the following property: the tract of land lying near the court house (486 acres) and also the houses and lots lying at the Court house with the farming implements and stock of every description on the said farm and also the following negroes: Joe, Edward, Albert, Eliza and her child Peyton, Lucy, William, Emily and Maria and Simeon with the future increase of the females in trust for my daughter Sarah Jane Weaver...Executors authorized to sell, rent, lease out or hire all the property for the benefit of my daughter...to my Executors my servant woman Letty and her three children Oella, Susan and George upon trust that they shall annually during the life of Letty hire her out to some person who will provide her with a good and comfortable house for herself and children...and will treat them in a kind manner and may apply such of the proceeds of the hire of herself and children as may be necessary for her support and maintenance and should such hires be insufficient for that purpose, I direct that such deficiency be made up by my estate...children remain with their mother until they attain the age of fourteen years when they are to be hired out at good homes to their arrival to the ages of twenty one years at which time they shall be allowed the privilege of choosing whether to be sold to some person who will treat them kindly or continue to be hired out...Executors pay to Oella, Susan and George ten dollars each during their lives...23 February 1858. (signed). 1 April 1858.

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