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Addiction as a choice suggests that drug abusers are completely responsible for their actions, while addiction as a disease suggests that drug abusers need help in order to break their cycle of addiction.

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Maté talks about the various addictions to drugs such as heroin, cocaine, methamphetamines and others throughout his video, however where I agree most with him is when he discusses the need for the substance use and abuse and what can happen as a result....

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Some painkiller addicts – including celebrities such as right-wing radio host, Rush Limbaugh, singer/actress Courtney Love, and “Friends” star Matthew Perry – can obtain a bad reputation for becoming dependent; others simply need them in order to survive their day to day lives.

The pushers feeding this addiction to big-government money exhibit few differences from drug dealers.

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Need CME credit? These articles may be of help in meeting specially designated CME requirements in the areas of pain management, addiction, and end-of-life care. Also available, on these topics from the Massachusetts Medical Society, publisher of NEJM.

Central idea: There are distinctly underactive areas in an addicts brain which cause a need to “self medicate” in order to feel normal.

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Self-motivation usually occurs during treatment, not before.: Some alcoholics can learn to drink normally and can continue to drink with no ill effects as long as they limit the amount.Reality: Alcoholics can never safely return to drinking because drinking in any amount will sooner or later reactivate their addiction.: Psychotherapy can help many alcoholics achieve sobriety through self-understanding.Reality: Psychotherapy diverts attention from the physical causes of the disease, compounds the alcoholic’s guilt and shame, and aggravates rather than alleviates his problems.: Craving for alcohol can be offset by eating high-sugar foods.Reality: Foods with a high sugar content will increase the alcoholic’s depression, irritability, and tension and intensify his desire for a drink to relieve these symptoms.: If alcoholics eat three balanced meals a day, their nutritional problems will eventually correct themselves.Reality: Alcoholic’s nutritional needs are only partially met by a balanced diet.

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Through my research, I have examined the current addiction rehabilitation centers, and I believe there needs to be a restructuring of the existing strategies used to help addicts....

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When an addicted person needs larger doses, it is because the amount that they originally started with does not provide that “reward” that it once used to.