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"'Sunday Sinners and Sunday Saints: Urban Commercial Culture and the Reconstruction of Black Religious Leadership" In: Hollywood be thy name : African American religion in American film, 1929-1949 Berkeley : University of California Press, c2007.

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Even today, there is still inequality among African Americans and the majority culture.

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In this interracial love story, an African American businessman falls for a beautiful Indian immigrant who's family was expelled from Uganda under the reign of dictator, Idi Amin.

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In her confusion and grief, she finds consolation in the friendship of their African-American gardener, Raymond--a socially taboo relationship that leads to the further disintegration of life as she knew it.

The creation of the 15th Amendment was exactly what African Americans worked hard to obtain.

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Programs and newsreel footage produced in the 1940's highlighting the accomplishments of African Americans, particularly in industry, sports and entertainment.

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Like a number of Keaton productions, the hero ends up in black face, only this time he escapes in time to wash his face, leading to the arrest of an innocent African-American passing by.

Theodore Roosevelt was never intended to be President

While African American contributions to jazz were largely overlooked in the rise of Paul Whiteman and Al jolson's fame, blackface minstrelsy of the age represented white Americans attempt to ventriloquize blacks associated with supposed freedom of Negro primitivisim.

As his popularity soared, he became more and more of a threat

DVD 4050 Credits and other information from the Internet Movie DatabaseSmall Steps, Big StridesThis tribute celebrates African American silver screen legends.

"Stepin Fetchit: The man, the image, and the African American press." , Winter94, Vol.

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The story of Lisa, a young Soviet emigre studying medicine in Manhattan and Roy, an African American building superintendent on New York's Lower East Side.

Offers a glimpse into Southern Baptist life from an African-American perspective.

Even more black people were lynched in the U.S

While the film deals with the serious issue of class and color-awareness among African-Americans, it also includes some thoroughly smashing musical interludes and tap dancing routines.

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A fine example of the film-making efforts from the pioneer African-American directors and production companies of the 1930's, who made films that were typically excluded from mainstream movie houses due to the prevailing attitudes of the time.