Make Sure You Know Your Gun Control Arguments For and Against

He claims that illegal possession of firearms is the problem and that frisking suspicious characters would be a good solution to the debate of gun control....

Make Sure You Know Your Gun Control Arguments For and ..

These are oft quoted examples when arguments are being made against gun control.

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The Romanian A436M towed AA system carries two cannonsthat also use this caliber. The A436M consists of a four wheel carriagewith the guns and a shield and weights 3,46 tons without ammunitionload, it is served by 5 crewmen. Elevation is -5 to +85° andtraverse 360°, cartridges are fed in 30 round magazines. Thecannons have a selective fire rate of 100,250 or 500 rounds per minute each and a maximum range of 3500m altitudeinAA role and are effective aginst unprotected ground targets up to2000m.
These cannons are still in use today in a radar guided, all weather lowlevel air defence system marketed by Army Export Romania. Beside theA436M guns, Swiss 35mm Oerlikon cannons may be used as well; the systemalso consists of the SHORAR-TCP search and acquisitation radar as wellas the GUN*STARfire control unit and a A95 SAM unit. The A436 is also referred to astowedAA gun 2x30 Md 80.
Romanian ammunition is quite different from the Russian origin roundsand is carrying an additional "R" behind the ammunition code:
- The OR-83R is a HE-T projectile weightiiing 360g, it is filled withA-IX-2 high explosive and carries the MG-30 nose fuze. The projectileis 135mmlong and tracer burning time a minimum of 9 seconds. Muzzle velocity is1050m/s, the round weights 1076g in total.
- The BZR-83R is a API-T projectile weighhhting 360g, it is 119mm longand tracer burning time a minimum of 4 seconds. This projectile is nota empty casing with a screwed-on breaker point like the Russian AP-Tprojectiles. It consists of a short-pointed solid shot with rear tracercavity and has a long ballistic cap probably incendiary filled. Muzzlevelocity is 1050m/s, the round weights 1073g in total. The projectileis able to penetrate 20mm of armour at 1000m distance.
Interesting to note that Romania also produces this caliber accordingto original Russian specifications for their Naval AA guns NN-30 andAK-230!

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The AK-306 was developed from the cannon describedbefore, its weight and rate of fire were considerably reduced. ItsAO-18L cannon hasno cooling system but can fire all 500 rounds from its magazine in asingleburst. Improved versions AK-306-01 and -02 have an aditional ammunitionbeltof 1000 rounds, the third version -03 has again only the basic 500roundmagazine. The cannons are guided by the MR-123 fire control system aswell,
elevation and traverse is the same as for the AK-630 gun.

Pro-gun enthusiasts claim that gun control is in direct violation of this Amendment....

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The 2S6 Tunguska AAA system was developed in 1987 toreplace the older self-propelled ZSU-23-4 AAA system. The two onboard2A38M AAA cannons use two water-cooled barrels and fire 2500rpm each,to a range of 0.2 to4km, up to an altitude of 3km, ammunition storage on board is 2x 1904rounds in belts. The two barrel 2A38M is gas operated and weights195kg, its length is 3450mm. One of the barrels carries a muzzlevelocity sensor. To clear misfires or jams the PP-L pyrocartridge isused.
Above the range of the cannons, the SA-19 SAM system, NATO designation"Grison" is used. It consists of 8 onboard 9M311 missiles capable of arangeof 2,5 to 8km, that's an altitude of up to 3,5km (11500ft). The warheadof the missile consists of a continuous-rod type warhead with adiameterof 5m that cuts into the airframe of the engaged aircraft. The Tunguskais radar and command guided and can detect hostile aircraft in adistanceof 16km, its maximal cruising speed is 65km/h. The improovedTunguska-M1(early 1990s) is the most modern air defense system of the RussianFederationand it must be extremely effective, sadly, no reports of its actualperformancein wartime combat are known.
These rounds are also used in self-propelled AAA systems in the formerCzechoslovakia and in the Yugoslav Zastava M86/89 AAA gun.

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One of the strongest arguments in favor of people who want to carry firearms is that nine of the states that have the lowest violent crime rate in the country are those that allow its people the right to carry guns.

Mahatma Gandhi, the famous political activist from India, once said, "." This quote reflects another argument that is often put forward against gun control.

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The AK-630, was developed in the mid 1970s and isstill operational as modernized AK-630M1 on many ships today, it usesthe AO-18 designated six barrel rotary cannon and a 2000 roundmagazine. The improoved AK-630M1 features an aditional magazine withanother 1000 rounds. Barrels of the AO-18 are located in a sheet metalhousing and continuosly cooled by liquid to allowlong bursts of up to 400 rounds, the gun is operated by the gaspressure of the propellant allone, not like the western Gatling typeguns, that are externally driven.
Elevation of the gun is -12° to +88°, traverse+/-180°, ituses the radar guided fire control system MR-123-02.
The AK-630M1-2 uses 2 AO-18 guns in one housing and has therefore thedouble firing rate.