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Please allow me to critque them below:

"Excessive details on Al Gore's life" -- Since most viewers' past association with the speaker (Al Gore) was as a polititian, I think this was necessary to humanize the speaker, show his history and interconnection to global warming science, and show why he (citizen Gore) feels driven to mount this mission to enlighten his fellow citizens in this Republic.

"atmosphere is being thickened by huge quantities of carbon dioxide" -- I agree (being an engineer) that the statement is technically incorrect but, for the average viewer (I always think of how my mother would hear it), the word "thickened" probably adaquately conveys the intended message that IR radiation can't escape as easily.

"An Inconvenient Truth as a campaign ad - and - Gore working to uncover evidence of Republican shenanigans to alter or suppress climate change science" -- Well, as my grandmother would say, "sometimes you have to tell the truth and shame the devil!" The movie just showed these "elements" speaking on camera and their attempts to politically overide government scientists' statements so as to alter or change their findings that have been reported in the press.

An Inconvenient Truth Quotes by Al Gore

Aug 22, 2017 · HEAT OF THE MOMENT Al Gore's latest scaremongering film ..
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With the possible exception of his treatment of the spread of tropical diseases, all of these issues were presented with sound science.

An Inconvenient Truth as a campaign ad
Gore has repeatedly said that he has no intention of running for president again, and that this movie was created as part of his life-long passion to protect the environment.

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Gore's slide show appropriately displays many graphs of the Keeling Curve, as it is probably the most important and most famous finding in climate change science.

Figure 1. The Keeling Curve is a record of CO2 measurements taken at he top of Mauna Loa volcano in Hawaii since 1958.

The science of An Inconvenient Truth
The science presented is mostly good, and at times compelling, but there are a few errors and one major distortion of the truth.

Al Gore, one of the biggest climate activists, produced An Inconvenient Truth
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