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This enfuriated Hamlet because he believes she did not give his father the respect he deserved and mourned him long enough.
It is evident in Act 4 that Gertrude is very defensive of Claudius and wants to help him maintain a good reputation with the people of Denmark and with other characters such as Laertes.

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The character of Gertrude in Hamlet from LitCharts ..

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How She Feels in Act IV / How She Feels About Hamlet:
Gertrudes Significance
Thus far, in the play, nothing too significant has been learned about Gertrude, and any suppositions on her character are based on rudimentary foundations as well.

Analysis Of The Character Gertrude. In the Play Hamlet

In Act four, Gertrude plays a significant role by informing the separate characters of the events transpired, such as Hamlet's visit and subsequent murder of Polonius, which proved to have a great affect on their image in the people's eyes, led by Laertes.

Basic Facts: Gertrude is Hamlet’s mother and the queen of Denmark

However, in the play Hamlet by William Shakespeare and the novel Fifth Business by Robertson Davies, the secondary characters Horatio and Dunstan Ramsay respectively both play a crucial role in the fulfillment of “Fifth Business”.

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The oblective is to provide a better understanding of how Shakespeare uses the events in the play as a means of shaping or changing Hamlet's actions or emotions Hamlet is a character with emotions that are so complex and intriguing that we, as readers or viewers, are drawn into this story until Hamlet's situations, actions, and feelings become things we can understand, and relate to, as if his emotions were as human as our own. This genuineness Hamlet holds...

players then begin to act the full play

LaMar in “Hamlet: A Man Who Thinks Before He Acts” explain the popularity of the protagonist of Shakespeare’s Hamlet: Much of the delight of modern readers, of course, comes from the study of the characters of the principal figures in the play, for Shakespeare has presented them in three-dimensional vividness.

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Throughout the course of the play, the relationship between Hamlet and Gertrude changes from strained to a disrespectful and mistrustful to a bittersweet ending....

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Peter Leithart in “The Serpent Now Wears the Crown: A Typological Reading of Hamlet,” considers the gravity of the main sin of offense of Claudius: Claudius's murder of King Hamlet, the act catalyzing the drama of the play, is presented as a sin of primordial character and cosmic implications....

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This essay will analyse how the figure of Ophelia evolves in Shakespeare's Hamlet, in John Updike’s Gertrude and Claudius and in Graham Holderness’s The Prince of Denmark....