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The bar plays an important role in "Babylon Revisited." It frames the story in the opening and the closing scenes, and it is the heart of Charlie's old Paris.

In this way, the Ritz bar is a symbol; everything Charlie says about the Ritz bar we can apply to Paris as a whole.

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It's a particularly relevant time to read "Babylon Revisited," a story in part about the aftermath of the . takes a look back at a generation of reckless partying, drinking, and spending that has come to a screeching halt. Using his own personal experiences and the history unfolding around him, Fitzgerald paints the portrait of a man and a generation struggling with the deeds of the past and the bleakness of the future.

Fitzgerald – unlike the newscasters, bloggers, and campaigners you've been listening to recently – doesn't spend his time pointing fingers. He doesn't address the question of whose fault the crash was. Instead, he takes a good, hard look at the general irresponsibility that, in his mind, characterized the 1920s. He's interested in an attitude, not a scapegoat. And more importantly, he's interested in what that means for those who are there when the party comes to an end – those who suffer through the next day's (year's? decade's?) hangover.

Of course, the current financial crisis is no . But instead of talking about the economic differences, we can think about the personal relevance "Babylon Revisited" holds for us. We're looking at the story of a man who is not only forced to make serious changes to his lifestyle, but also to face the mistakes of his irresponsible past and try seriously to atone for them. Economic trends aside, we're pretty sure you have, at some point in your life, been in his shoes.

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The Ritz Bar, among other places.
Though the date is never specified, we know from the text that "Babylon Revisited" takes place after the stock market crash of 1929 – characters repeatedly refer to "the crash," which is clearly a recent event.

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This relationship is clearly explored in "Babylon Revisited."

The Ritz bar is an example of the historical roots of "Babylon Revisited." The bar has always been an American hang out for expatriates in Paris, but never so much as in the 1920s when Paris was a hot spot for wealthy Americans (like Fitzgerald).

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Fitzgerald's use of a third person omniscent point of view in "Babylon Revisited" allows him to give an overview of the situation from an unbiased, outside observer when he wants to.

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