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The ancient greeks had 4 social classes; the Athens, which were the highest class, they had all political power and were the wealthiest, to be part of this social class you would need to be born in Athens, because the rights for the class could only be inherited hereditarily....

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Ancient Greece has mesmerized modern Westerners for centuries

Top 10 important People in Ancient Greece

The aristocratic warrior-ethos canonized in the Homeric epics; the civic ideology of equality and justice espoused by reformist lawgivers and poets; the democratization of status honor and martial virtue that attended the shift to hoplite warfare; the philosophical exaltation of the Polis-citizen bond as found in the architectonic visions of Plato and Aristotle; and the subsequent retreat from civic virtues and the interiorization of value articulated by the Skeptics, Epicureans, and Stoics, new age philosophies in a world remade by Alexander's conquests--these are the key phases in the evolving currents of Hellenic moral discourse, as structurally framed by transformations within the institutional matrix of Polis society.

"This is as sociologically and culturally deep and thorough a work on ancient Greek life and thought, up through the Hellenistic period, as one can find in the literature.

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Greece Project Work Time
Changing Role of Women
Unlike Ancient Athens, Hellenistic women were no longer confined to their homes
Could get a better education than before, such as learning to read and write
Royal women in Hellenistic world could hold considerable power
Greatest example- Cleopatra VII of Egypt
(2-3 Minutes)

Ancient Greek Literature: Poetry
REVIEW: Who was the Greek poet we previously discussed in this unit?
What were the two epic poems that he wrote?
Other notable poets
Poems sang about love and her island home
Celebrated the victors of athletic contests
Ancient Greek Literature: Plays
Two types of plays
Tragedies- stories of human suffering that ended in disaster
Comedies- Humorous stories that mocked people and customs
Famous Greek Playwrights
Antigone, Oedipus Rex
Specialized in comedies, such as
Ancient Greek Mathematics

The Pythagorean Theorem of Right Triangles
a2 + b2= c2
Father of Geometry
Author of
The Elements
Ancient Greek Science
Applied theories of physics to practical inventions
Invented the lever and pulley
Improved medical practices
Hippocratic Oath set ethical standards for doctors
Still used to this day
Guiding Question
1) What discoveries or inventions did Ancient Greeks make in different subjects?

Ancient Greece Was A Middle Class Civilization

Many men feared the possibility of divorce since the return of a dowry could bankrupt a family. Men may have treated their wives somewhat better than if there was no money involved. If the woman was young enough, her would use the dowry to marry her off again after a divorce. If not, the money was used for her future care. Either way, a woman from a wealthy family was at the mercy of her household. Women from the lower classes had to hope relatives would help their collect a dowry for them. If not, marriage was not very likely for them. A woman could divorce, but only if her family agreed she should. In all divorce cases, women lost their children, who were expected to stay with the father. As a result, it is easy to see why many women may have stayed in marriages, even if they really wanted to leave. Athenian women of the Classical Period did not have much power or input into their personal or financial lives. Were they even free to work and walk about the city?

Ancient Greece has mesmerized modern ..

Ancient Greeks placed a lot of emphasis on the mythological poetry of men like Hesiod and Homer. They were held in reverence and their works carried the same importance as the did centuries later. In the , Aristotle said "that poetry is both more philosophical and more serious than history because poetry speaks of the universals and history only of the particulars." This poetry gave the people who read or heard it insight into how their ancestors lived and what they considered important in life. It also answered questions about morality. As a result, how Hesiod and Homer portrayed women was very significant and had repercussions on subsequent generations.

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Also, we should underline a general note for the conception originated in ancient Greece, note put into the spotlight at the semantic-pragmatic dimension, regarding the mysterious power of music over human beings and its utilization from a moral point of view, that is: the distinction made by the antique Greeks—at the level of the receiver / listener subject—between two phases, stages of ‘subjective intension’ (as we might call them) determined by the musical reality: the first one being passive, when the listener feels the pleasure of music and gets into a special spiritual disposition, and the second, an active one, producing a more or less immediate effect on the listener’s will.