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The other children -three girls, Agrippina the Younger, Drusilla, and Livilla, born in successiveyears; and three boys, Nero, Drusus, and Gains Caesar - survived their father;but Tiberius later brought charges against Nero and Drusus, whom he persuadedthe Senate to execute as public enemies.8. Gaius Caesar was born on 31 August, A.D.

At the beginning of this period (in the time of Augustus) ..

Millar (1973) ‘Triumvirate and principate’, Journal of Roman ..

The Roman Principate: Augustus - Death, Succession and Legacy

In my sixth and seventh consulship [27 BC], after I had extinguised civil wars, and at a time when with universal consent I was in control of all affairs, I transferred the commonwealth from my power to the judgement of the senate and people of Rome. For this service of mine I was named Augustus by decree of the senate, and the doorposts of my house were publicly wreathed with laurel leaves and a civic crown was fixed over my door and a golden shield was set up in the Curia Julia, which, as attested by the inscription thereon, was given me by the senate and people of Rome on account of my courage, clemency, justice, and devotion. After this time, I excelled all in auctoritas, although I possessed no more official power than others who were my colleagues in the several magistracies.

The Roman Principate: January 2016

The double peak of the alternating singer and songwriter of the Swedish hit indie rocker made as common cause with the successful producer from the last album "Give Me Fire", the brothers Salla and mass Salazar that apply in their home as the "inventor of the Swedish hip hop" and with the Latin Kings have become real legends?

Yes! And the songs that introduced this new force, the two different halves showed connected musically top form: About the rumbling, pumping beats its producer, the two Mando frontmen put their clenched Rock'n'Soul-balancing. A sound, as classical as modern as it otherwise only riff with his productions like this.

And now it is there, the first album "Back To Earth" and his song sequence is a single revelation: Several numbers on it, have the potential of Mando Diao-Smash's "Dance With Somebody" - and that was eventually a number one in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In "Back To Earth" merge musical genres to merge. Rock and soul, hip-hop drums and wind instruments, and dance beats and jazz can be heard. And all hell hitverdächtig! The first official single from the album is titled "Forgive / Forget" and will be released on 24.02.

But what Caligola? In the of the band members as monks conceal - even fans have repeatedly look to identify the protagonists. The text message from Sweden speaks of a close-knit community of artists and mentioned its stars just so on the edge. Caligola is not a pure BAND. Or not only. Caligola is a network of artists. The album "Back To Earth" a new musical expression of an enlarged Stockholm connection!

Gustaf Norén explains the concept:.. "You may have a DJ, and then you have a trumpet player who plays the DJ set given presents an artist's pictures, and then perhaps as a few dancers in a corner What do you call such an event? Anyway, it's typical of Caligula. "

this is, roughly speaking, to the cross-fertilization of different art forms. As a concrete example can serve Caligolas first release " Of Battle". Gustaf. "An anti-war song an artist friend - a member of Caligola - was at a performance of the famous speech by General Patton run and he painted live to In the speech Patton says, Americans love the sting of battle '- this. line caught me really. " A Malperformance as underlying inspiration for a song - very Caligola and very cool, as the video shows the song.

The list of musical guests on "Back to Earth" is correspondingly broad: Nutty Silver, toaster. Agnes, pop singer. Per "Ruskträsk" Johansson and Emil Jansson, jazz saxophonist and trumpeter. Oskar Bonde (), drummer. Hansson Karlsson, 60s legends. LaGaylia Frazier, Gospel Diva. DJ in turn will ensure remixes. Caligola - a crossover that has it all.

"We want the people to show what they can do," says Björn. "If you have dark feelings, have it let out the name Caligula finally comes from a mad emperor who get took everything that such a person was a political leader that is totally crazy, but in the art -... In the art, because your horse to Senator Art is to appoint, completely doable. knows no limits! "

Look. Caligola is therefore NOT Bjorn and Gustafs new band. For but there is something unequal interesting. We should involve ourselves out because we are not all a bit Caligola?

Proof came throughthe issuing of a series of restoration coins of previous emperors, themost popular being Augustus and Claudius.
What is clear, however, is that Titus sought to present the Flavians asthe legitimate successors of the Julio-Claudian dynasty.

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He gave permission for theworks of Titus Labienus, Cremutius Cordus, and Cassius Severus, which had beenbanned by order of the Senate, to be routed out and republished - stating it tobe entirely in his interest that posterity should be in full possession ofall historical facts; also, he revived Augustus' practice, discontinuedby Tiberius, of publishing an imperial budget; invested the magistrates withfull authority, not requiring them to apply for his confirmation of sentences;and strictly and scrupulously scanned the list of knights but, though publiclydismounting any who had behaved in a wicked or scandalous manner, merely omitted the names of those guilty of lesser mis-behaviour fromthe list which he read out.

Augusti, in I. G. Graevius, Thesaurus Antiquitatum edere perseverabat, metu ac pudore ne minor inveniretur.

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The unfortunate astronomer had spent considerable time combing the evidence of the ancient authors available to him about the date of Augustus' birth.2 He attempted to sift through the conflicting evidence about which day would have been Augustus' birthday, before performing complex calculations of the planetary movements, in order to assess the role Capricorn might have played in his horoscope. His ingenious solution to the problem failed to impress Rudolf, as we can see from Kepler's second letter on the subject (the emperor's letters are not extant) :

Augustus and Capricorn: Astrological Polyvalency and Imperial Rhetoric

From the Roman Republic to the Roman Empire:

Gaius then publiclyexpressed his horror at what he called 'this most bloody murder', and hisdisgust with those who had been able to stomach the sight.31. He went about complaining how bad the times were, and particularly thatthere had been no public disasters like the Varus massacre under Augustus, orthe collapse of the amphitheatre at Fidenae under Tiberius.