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(Recommended as preparation for MGMT 640 or ACCT 610 for students with little or no background in accounting and finance.) A basic study of accounting and financial management concepts and their application in analyzing financial statements and estimating the value of long-lived capital projects and investments. The financial statements of actual companies are analyzed using financial ratios. Future and present value of financial and real assets/investments are calculated based on the time value of money. Emphasis is on gaining an appreciation for how financial management and accounting information can be used to support financial analysis, valuation, and decision making in various contexts.

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The omnibus exposure draft, Audit Adjustments, Reporting on Consistency, and Service Organizations (Omnibus Statement on Auditing Standards—1999) , adds to a list of matters addressed in the audit engagement letter an item reminding management it is responsible for correcting material misstatements and for informing the auditor of any uncorrected, nonmaterial misstatements. A summary of uncorrected misstatements must be included in the financial statement representation letter. The auditor is required to inform the audit committee about any uncorrected misstatements.

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The Accounting and Finance Forum provides information about the accounting and finance majors as well as topics of interest from course selection to career paths. It assists students with the exploration of resources on accounting and finance careers and the accounting and finance fields, including job postings and information about career opportunities.

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The firm has two Senior Auditors and three Audit Assistants who have completed graduation inCommerce or Business Administration and they are in the field of Auditing and Accountingbetween 3 to 5 Years.

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Potts is significant to the accounting profession because it paves the way for broad interpretation and censorship by the SEC of accountants' performance. The case also infringes on the profession's self-regulatory status (which it steadily defends) and restricts auditors in their ability to respond to the natural ebb and flow of audit engagements without fear of a SEC disciplinary action.

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Despite this setback, the profession can at least look forward to clearer guidance in the future. The auditing standards board (ASB) and the SEC practice section (SECPS) of the AICPA division for CPA firms have been working on new procedures for concurring partner reviews with the SEC's blessing. With general agreement on a concurring partner's review responsibilities, an issue such as that raised by the Potts case is not likely to recur.

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The AICPA had filed an amicus curiae brief supporting Potts, who was given a nine-month suspension by the SEC for his role in the 1988 and 1989 audits of Kahler Corp., a hotel operator. Potts, who at the time was a partner at Touche Ross and its successor Deloitte & Touche, signed off on the audits. His "improper professional conduct" stemmed from the accounting treatment of University Park Hotel (a 1987 acquisition of Kahler's), which resulted in incorrect net gain and loss realization, erroneous classification of the interest as an asset for sale and improper application of accounting method dates. The SEC determined that Potts had deviated from GAAP and GAAS and was negligent in his duties as an independent auditor.

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Jayanta Sen teaches courses in the areas of valuation, risk management, managerial accounting, and international finance, and he serves as the vice president of the CFA Society Nevada. He received an MA in econometrics from Yale University and earned a PhD in finance from the University of Chicago.