Flying with autism: Airport program helps affected children

Understanding the causes of autism and knowing what needs to be done to correct these causes gives you a very high probability of improving the life of your child.

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Flying with autism: Airport program helps affected ..

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For almost all autistic children, this is testing as a very important elixir to be using. It focuses on increasing to high optimal levels two fatty acid transport proteins. These proteins bind to and carry fatty acids (fats) into cells. If levels are low, cells will not absorb fats which will negatively affect brain functioning.

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To help protect the brain, Memory Recovery Elixir instructs the body to find and remove aluminum and heavy metals from the brain. And to do the same with candida, molds, fungi, viruses, bacteria and mycoplasma. These all have destructive effects on the brain and cause chronic inflammation of the brain and nervous system.

Remember, thousands of autistic children have improved through using just some of the suggestions covered in this report.

Why Are They Difficult for Children with Autism

Brain Power seeks to nurture brain health through providing fish oils and other ingredients that repair the brain synapses, and improve the function of the synaptic connections by 're-programming' the way the brain uses nutrients in the body. It instructs the brain to change and improve the incorrect nerve-signaling that is taking place in brains with degenerative neurological conditions. This action is especially important for those on the autism spectrum and is not touched on by other brain supplements.

The fish oils in Brain Power are the best fish oils for the brain, supplying trace amounts of proteins that can be used by brain cell DNA. It feeds brain cells by supplying the minerals, vitamins, proteins and antioxidants that the brain needs. Fish oils on their own, isolated, are unprotected and ultimately may cause free radical damage to cells as they turn rancid. The minerals, vitamins, proteins and antioxidants in Brain Power prevent the fish oil from turning rancid, making it the best fish oil supplement for the brain.

Alertness, calmness, and improved memory will come from the removal of the toxins and stress chemicals from the brain that Brain Power initiates. The vitamins and nutrients supplied by Brain Power in the right ratio, especially when vitamins B9 and B10 are combined with fish oils, help rebuild and repair brain pathways. Use in combination with Sattuv which activates repair of brain neuropathways.

Brain Power is designed to stop electrical overcharge, to calm down the over-responding nervous systems, and to help clear blocked circuits in the brain and liver. It supplies nutrients and minerals needed to repair nerve circuits.

Ingredients: 1350 mg Astaxanthin Blend (Krill Oil, Astareal Astaxanthin, Salmon Oil), Mackerel-Herring-Anchovy-Sardine oil blend, Curcumin, Vitamin A (Carrot extract), MK7 (Vitamin K2), Vitamin K1 (Spinach extract), Vitamin B12 (Chlorella), Orgen Bs (B9, B10)
Other Ingredients: Gelatin, Ethyl Alcohol, Beeswax, Sunflower Lecithin

There are 240 large soft gel capsules in each bottle of Brain Power. For an adult, the normal dosage is 2 soft gels twice a day. At this rate a bottle will last 2 months. Start out with as little as 1 capsule a day, or less, for a child.

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Quzu is an elixir that tells the body to take four actions.

1. To increase endorphin production in the brain. A big increase in endorphins, which the Sound Therapy Recording also creates, improves the ability of the brain to control the immune system. This enables the immune system to do a better job of dealing with pathogens and toxins.

2. To increase glutathione production. It is the main toxin neutralizer in the body, especially for environmental and vaccine toxins, and the #2 antioxidant enzyme.

3. To increase cellular life force energy by instructing cells to vibrate at a higher "vibrations per minute”. This action increases overall health in normal cells, and accelerates healing.

According to Dr. Bryon Gentry, author of "Miracles of the Mind", optimal vibrations per minute for health are 108,000. To improve poor health, higher vibrations are needed. Quzu may increase cellular vibrations up to 300,000 times per minute.

4. To mobilize stem cells to repair the body. Stem cell therapy is a strong autism therapy and even though using Quzu is not near as powerful as getting the therapy done, it does help.

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Autism Moms: For great support in your journey to heal your child -- from someone who knows it is possible for you to succeed, and can help you do so. we suggest that you work with Karen Thomas. She is a therapist and mom, who reversed her own child's autism, and now she is teaching other moms how to do the same. She teaches you what you need to work on, what to do first, and supports you on your journey.