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While sorting their clothing and burning the documents, he found a diary written up to the last minute which revealed that the transport had been made up of workers from the Belzec death camp.

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Farber, an escapee from Belzec, before it was a death camp.

A series of ghettos and labor camps were established which the Germans used in conjunction with Belzec:

- Tomaszow Lubelski Ghetto

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This building is where the stolen property was sorted.

Belzec operated beginning in early 1942 and was dismantled in May, 1943, with the last victims of the camp being sent to Death

A list of the Nazis involved in the camp is .A map of how the Belzec Death Camp appeared is available  or .

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According to the survivor Chaim Hirszman, “There were cases when the 'death brigade' were so starved that they ate pieces of flesh from the legs of corpses.”Belzec had now lost its importance as a death camp as the bulk of Galician Jewry had been dealt with.

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The Auschwitz commandant declined the offer as he found his Jewish workers were doing an adequate job with hammers and special mortars.In their efforts to destroy the evidence, in particular any large bone material, the camp command at Belzec sought outside help from the Janowska concentration camp by borrowing their bone crushing machine and an operator, a Hungarian Jew named Szpilke.

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Blobel began his experimental burning of corpses by adopting various concoctions of fuel and pyres; even explosives were used in these experiments.On September 15, 1942, secret German radio messages decoded by British Intelligence referred for the first time to the code designation Aktion Reinhard: “WVHA gives Concentration Camp Auschwitz authority for a vehicle to travel to Lódz and inspect 'Aktion Reinhard' research station for field furnaces.” At this time, Blobel was in Chelmno experimenting with the burning of corpses. Depending on the magnitude of the exhumation /cremation task, the groups of Jews assigned for this work consisted on average of 40-80 workers.

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On December 12, 1942, Belzec ceased to function as a death camp.The complete absence of transports also meant that no extra food was brought into the camp by the victims, and the heavy work of digging up the corpses, the unhygienic environment of handling the decomposing corpses, and the burning took its toll.

The first commander of Belzec death camp was Christian Wirth, a SS officer

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Wirth told them that they were now going to their chosen camp and induced all the Jews to board the train and organised their loading and departure.” Leon Feldhendler, a survivor of Sobibór, was in that death camp on the day the Belzec transport arrived.

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Immediately after the SS left Belzec, the local population descended on the site of the death camp, rummaging in the earth for gold and other valuables, and in doing so, unearthed parts of decomposed bodies. The SS returned and built accommodations for a caretaker to live on site and to prevent further incursions.