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As well as all the fun elements associated with owning a pet, pets can bring many educational benefits.

Owning a pet can teach a child about the responsibilities of life and mutual trust. By feeding and exercising a pet, children can also develop an understanding of daily care. Children with learning difficulties can also benefit from interaction with pets. One study found that the presence of a dog helped to channel the children's attention and responsiveness towards the therapist's suggestion - in effect, the dog helped increase the attention span of the children.

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It's obvious that we benefit from taking regular exercise when walking a dog. However, it is not commonly known that over the last thirty years, there has been increasing scientific evidence that pets can help to keep us fit and well - pets can even help speed up recovery after major illness.

Learn about the top 5 health benefits of owning a pet.

Stroking a pet or simply watching a fish swim in an aquarium helps us to relax. Indeed, the mere presence of a pet seems to have the same effect, reducing heart beat rate and lowering blood pressure.

How have you seen pets and animals improve your loved one’s quality of life? We’d love to hear your stories in the comments below.

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Should a pet sitting client have any problems, disputes or questions regarding an Association Member, these should be taken up with the Association Member directly.

The Association does not become involved in Association Member/client relationships or conflicts under any circumstances.

If you have come in contact with a pet sitter who claims to be a current member of the organization or displays a NAPPS logo but isn’t on the locator, please contact our staff to confirm membership.

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Catering care to both pets and seniors can be challenging. Brandi Eskesen, Veterinarian at , notes: “Seniors do benefit from having pets in their lives. One of the problems we see frequently as veterinarians is unintentional neglect, in which seniors may forget to medicate or feed their pets. It can be very frustrating. It would be ideal if the senior living communities would help seniors care for their pets by having someone who can focus on medicating them and making sure they get proper care.”

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If you don’t have a dog now but are planning on getting one soon, start exposing your child (or your children) to dogs and how to act around them. Help them learn to respect each dog’s space and preferences. Teach them to only approach leashed dogs, always ask the dog’s owner first, and then to move slowly. Explain that the dog will want to sniff them that’s how a dog identifies you. The old method of meeting a new dog is to offer an outstretched hand for her to sniff. Experts now recommend keeping hands down along the sides of the body. Dogs have such a keen sense of smell that they don’t need us to hold hands out and if a dog has been abused in the past she may snap at a hand coming towards her. It is safer to let the dog approach and sniff where she wants.

In honor of National Pet Month, A Place for Mom is bringing up one of our favorite topics: the benefits pets bring to seniors.

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“One of our volunteers has worked with a pet therapy program, through which a local shelter sends kittens and puppies to visit an area nursing home. The joy the residents’ exhibit when they get to cuddle a little furry friend clearly confirms the therapeutic impact a pet can have on anyone!”