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Many people assume that homeschooled children end up having antisocial tendencies because they’re never around other kids their own age. However, this is a common misconception because parents who are intentional about getting their children involved in homeschool groups with other kids or extracurricular activities end up helping their kids be just as social, and sometimes even more social, than kids who are in public school. A homeschooled child’s social ability is largely dependent upon a parent creating or finding the opportunities for their child to develop their social skills. Because homeschooled children interact with their adult parent most of the time each day, they tend to be better at interacting with other adults than public school students.

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What do you feel are some of the benefits to homeschooling a middle schooler?

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Parents naturally want the best for their children, but figuring out exactly what is the best is often a process of trial and error. Ideally, you want to learn from the wisdom of others so that you can have more successes as a parent than failures. One area of your children’s lives that is important to consider is how they’ll receive their education. Public school is probably the most common route that parents take in educating their children, but more and more parents are turning to homeschooling as an alternative to public school. Dissatisfaction in the public school system is often one of the more significant factors that leads to this decision. Udemy has a great course on if you’re interested in taking that route to your child’s education.

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If you choose to homeschool your children, you have a great opportunity to give your children the individualized attention they need as they’re learning. Even if you’re homeschooling more than one child, your ability to tailor the instruction to each of your children is a helpful benefit they could never get in a public school. You get to teach your child in the way that they learn best, and this helps your child to be more engaged in the learning process. You also have the opportunity to encourage and nurture your child’s unique gifts and talents in a way in which public school isn’t equipped. .

This article explores the benefits and advantages of homeschooling children.

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There are a number of curriculum options for parents to choose from. If you know how your child learns best, then you can choose a curriculum that is tailored to their specific learn style and educational needs. If you’re customizing the curriculum for your child, an added advantage is the ability to accelerate learning in the areas where your child excels. For example, your child might be great at English but not so great in Math. If this is the case, your child might be advancing at an 8th grade level of English while right on target at a 5th grade level in Math. In a public school environment, the teacher bases instruction off of curriculum that they’re responsible to get their students through. Unfortunately, there is a risk of students getting behind because they didn’t master a skill before moving on to one that required mastery of the previous skill. Homeschooling and individualized instruction means that a student gets the attention they need and the assistance they need to master the skills required before moving on to the next skill.

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Parents who want to homeschool their children but still have some reservations about it should take time to consider the positive and negative aspects of homeschooling.


The following information will help parents know what to expect when they homeschool their children, detailing both the benefits and disadvantages. It will enable you to make a better informed decision if you're still uncommitted to homeschooling, and it will help you determine what negative aspects of homeschooling you will be able to tolerate and what positive aspects of administering your children's education you will enjoy.

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With homeschooling, you get to decide how to schedule your child’s daily instruction, and it doesn’t have to take nearly as much time in a day as it does in public school. You could start in the morning, or you could start in the afternoon and still have their daily instruction finished in time for other activities. A flexible learning schedule means more time for other things such as extra curricular activities or family time.

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Homeschooling parents are required to:

Although there are many other benefits and disadvantages associated with homeschooling, the aforementioned information provides you with an idea of what to expect as a homeschooling parent.