(Or at Least He Does in Scranton, PA) (09/07)

Hahaha and that will be never because this story is horse manure

People there are enough amazing things in the world to examine without clogging your minds with junk and made up trash

"Her story"? Whom are you talking about?

 One news source on the whole of the internet, it's a pile of crap.

"her" story? You're sounding pretty queer there, Zack.

The bible is not a book of fairy tales??
Hahaha... That was the best joke for weeks I've heard.... The whole Christian religion is nothing but stolen from so many other ancient religions and sagas. Do some research and wake up!!
Maybe then you will find out aswell that Satan comes from the word Saturn and is not the devil like this religion is telling us....

26°27'00.0"N 69°06'36.0"W is an interesting google map location

I believe the "four cornees" refer to the directions North, South, East, & West. & that angels are responsible for unleashing Gods Wrath when the time comes located at the apex of those cardinal points.

read this book this is the truth..ISBN 978-3-8334-9254-9..about pyramids,about us...greeetz nori

i enjoyed this article immensely! uh, stimulates. the imagination.

I am more than willing to provide everything to debunk this even though the burden falls on the party trying to claim something without any evidence.

"Going to take more than a goofy comment to debunk this one."

Well it's going to take more than using an admittedly fake story by a tabloid, a couple of drawings, and a terrible drawing that also has a headline that says "Man's snoring kills wife."

Honestly, this is beyond evil. We know that major media outlets lie, but they also don't talk with us on a personal level gaining our trust and making a mission statement of reporting the truth.

how would you know the info the sub operator gives you is legit?

Hi guys , I just wanted to THANK YOU for bringing these Amazing Pyramid discoveries, to our atention because normal news trys to keep these things quiet. I for one BELIEVE even if people don't see them themselves does not mean they are not there. After all do you Believe in Guarding Angels, God, moon landing, telepathy, astral travel etc: Pyramids are real , underwater or not . some things you just know. I am glad you tell us things like this after all we KNOW that Crystals make Energy and power a lot of tec even radios. and power planes , ships computer chips and more things will be discovered. Thanks again

4 corners are mentioned in hopi indian prophecy of blue star..

I had a dog, and his name was BINGO!

You nailed it with your comment IKNOWTOOMUCH, the American people and every country which is partnered with America have been selling lies since the beginning of the 1900s. Tesla invented free energy in the race for electricity (with Edison, who Tesla spanked like a biotch in front of the public during the world's fair), but was eventually sabotaged by the US Govt and Big business (jp morgan,etc) in a bid to gain his secret technologies. Ever since the government did this to Tesla, we have been enslaved by energy prices and cancerous technologies, and they have the nerve to even make a movie of it this fall! Yes, starring Christian Bale as Tesla!!!!!! From Dark Knight to Tesla Genius, and the majority of people think the plots and themes of these movies are just fake. FREE ENERGY IS REAL!!!!!!! Electricity exists all around us in the form of Static and Radiant energy!
Please see the free energy page under the NEWSROOM tab.

I concure lucious. this smells like a hoax.

I am in agreement with Kelly above. Take 3 steps investigating this story in any direction, North, South, East or West.. and it FAILS.
For those quoting the bible. Do the same, investigate ancient history and your 'story' will also FAIL. Stolen and added to from the ancients would be the realisation quickly found and a revelation on top of that which, this year will truly expand your minds.
For those searching for the lost city of Atlantis, simply load Google Earth and go to: 31 15'15.53N 24 15'30.53W