Bach's death in 1750 marked the end of the Baroque period in music.

Bach then became a member of the Mitzler society, a learned society devoted to the promotion of musical science, whose members were expected on joining to display some token of their learning.

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Bach  Johann Sebastian Bach (March 21, 1685-July 28, 1750) was a German Baroque composer.

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Former contacts made in Weimar were now useful; the Duke of Weimar offered him a post among his Court chamber musicians, and on June 25, 1708, Bach sent in his letter of resignation to the authorities at Mühlhausen, stating very diplomatically that not only was he finding it difficult to keep a wife on the small salary agreed to on his arrival, but that he could see no chance of realizing his final aim, namely the establishment of a proper church music 'to the glory of God'.

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Bach's function in the orchestra was mainly as a violinist, however he also played the harpsichord and occasionally wrote or arranged some of the music.

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It contains further discussion of practical issues: some specifically for clavichord, some more generallyin analysis of Bach's keyboard music, scale structure, enharmonic considerations, and by-ear tuning instructions.

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The Collegium Musicum later laid the foundation of the Gewandhaus orchestra tradition.

Bach also found time to become a dealer of books, music sheets, and music instruments.

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We know from the opening of this dedication, dated March 24th 1721, that Bach had already met the Margrave of Brandenburg, at which time Bach had been invited to provide some orchestral music.

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For the rest, Sire, I beg Your Royal Highness very humbly to have the goodness to continue Your Highness' gracious favor toward me, and to be assured that nothing is so close to my heart as the wish that I may be employed on occasions more worthy of Your Royal Highness and of Your Highness' service....". There is some internal evidence in the music itself that Bach was intending to visit Berlin in person for the first performance of these works.

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By now Bach had high ideals for the church music of Germany, and to start with, he began organizing the rather poor facilities of Mühlhausen; he began by making a large collection of the best German music available, including some of his own, and set about training the choir and a newly created orchestra to play the music.

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When the Prince traveled, Bach and some of the Court musicians (together with instruments, including an ingenious folding-harpsichord) would accompany him on his extensive journeys.

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But for Bach this was to be an unfortunate event, as the new Princess was not in favor of her husband's musical activities and managed, by exerting constant pressure (as Bach wrote in a letter), to Bach also wrote to his old school-friend, Erdmann,