In cows, it's called bovine colostrum.

Bovine colostrum is our last and most promising hope for survival against superbugs. Studies show that bovine antibodies can be effective in the prevention or treatment of human and animal diseases caused by enteropathogenic microbes (bacteria, viruses, protozoans, and fungi). Bovine colostrum passes immunity to all the disease-causing pathogens that the cow has encountered in her lifetime, including the antibodies she received from her mother. While the female cow is expressing colostrum, she is essentially a broad-spectrum, all-natural pharmacy.

• Bovine Colostrum and Athletic Performance

• Anti-Aging Benefits of Bovine Colostrum

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In a prospective, open, uncontrolled study 25 patients infected with the human immunodeficiency virus with chronic refractory diarrhea and either confirmed cryptosporidiosis or absence of demonstrable pathogenic organisms were treated with a daily oral dose of 10 g of an immunoglobulin preparation from bovine colostrum over a period of 10 days.

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51 males completed 8 weeks of resistance and plyometric training while consuming 60 g x day of bovine colostrum or concentrated whey protein powder.

Bovine Colostrum and Athletic Performance

The present investigation examined whether concentrated bovine colostrum protein affected the incidence or duration of self-reported symptoms of URTI in adult males.

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There is scant evidence to support such claims, although salivary IgA protects against URTI, and it was recently shown that bovine colostrum increases salivary IgA.

These results suggest that bovine colostrum may possess some potential to enhance human special immune responses.

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Bovine colostrum and IGF-1 are not without controversy. Some research has shown that increased levels of IGF-1 accelerate growth of existing cancer cells, but other studies failed to confirm the results. Certainly, there is no evidence that colostrum itself causes cancer. The proline-rich polypeptides (PRPs) and lactoferrin in colostrum actually increase the body’s natural killer (NK) cells by up to 400%. Any theoretical cancer cell proliferation due to IGF-1 would be attenuated by the significant number of NK cells.

In elite field hockey players, colostrum supplementation improves sprint performance better than whey.

Colostrum has many benefits for your dog, allergies being one of them

Cow colostrum products are not equal. New Zealand colostrum is known to be superior mainly due to the processing method, but also important is the fact that New Zealand farmers collect colostrum once a year during natural calving from year round pasture fed cows. The producing dairy herds have to be certified antibiotic free and free from hormones to be accepted for colostrum milking. Certification confirming New Zealand is free of BSE (mad cow disease) is available here . It is a fact that New Zealand has never had a single case of this disease. Both the bovine colostrum and the gel capsules carry Halal certification by the N.Z. Islamic Process Management Division.. To view the certification please click here .
New Zealand cow colostrum is never frozen, only chilled and then spray dried at low heat, protecting the sensitive bio-enzymes. The colostrum is collected from all over the country and then blended together thus enlarging the exposure to a variety of pathogens. This results in a high level of variety of antibodies in New Zealand bovine colostrum. Most other countries collect colostrum from region specific herds thus limiting the variety of antibodies contained in the collected colostrum.

We examined logbooks containing self-reported symptoms of illness from previous studies which examined physiological effects of bovine colostrum.

Anti-Aging Benefits of Bovine Colostrum

In these double-blind, placebo controlled studies, subjects had been randomly allocated to consume 60 grams a day of bovine colostrum or whey protein for eight weeks.