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As teams are formed, there is a need to recognize the interpersonal dynamics that exist in an effort to make the team process effective. People assigned to the PDT/IPT will represent a variety of personalities and styles. The different perspectives that the people bring to the team can enhance its vitality and creativity. However, team members need to have or develop a basic orientation towards working in a team environment and toward group problem solving.

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For our family, trust is built through our night-time rituals. My wife and I invest the time in our children, even when it is hard to sit quietly and wait. For business leaders, vulnerability-based trust is a key building block that leads to healthy leadership teams. It therefore takes courage to step into vulnerability and discomfort, to admit to uncertainty, and to invest in constructive conflict. But it is essential for higher levels of commitment and accountability, for success as a cohesive team.

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Research on fearless conversations reveals how this practice leads teams to success through higher levels of commitment, role clarity, and peer accountability. In her research on vulnerability and shame, Brene Brown describes why people hold back and mask their pain. One reason is uncertainty, the ambiguous grey space between not being enough or having enough, and enough. Leaders combat the perpetual request for more all day, from their financial reports, their board meetings, and their employee meetings. So how do leaders use vulnerability-based trust to build a sense of enough?

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Dušan is a co-founder and Senior Partner in Consulting Company ‘Atria Group’, which is present and working in Serbia, Czech Republic, Switzerland and Portugal. Over the course of last 14 years he has been engaged in development of human resources, primarly in corporate environment, and later on in consultancy projects. Dušan is an international coach of Ericcsson College (Vancouver), a consultant for training methodology of Persone Global (San Francisco), licensed trainer (with rights to certify others) for using psychometric tools CEB SHL (Washington/London) and a certified NLP coach (IN-NLP / Hambourg). His fields of expertise are systematic development of human resources, assessment of employees’ potential and capabilities, as well as reinforcing teams and managers through development projects, with focus on training and business coaching.

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A lawyer and trainer for over 15 years and a member of Erickson’s Training faculty, Silvia developed her career mainly in Intellectual Property, anti-counterfeiting, protection of rights and innovation, allowing creativity to be part of her legal work. She trained and mentored young lawyers helping them develop their capabilities and build their businesses. This work later became her inspiration towards Human Development, which eventually brought her to the amazing world of coaching and Solution Focused Development, transforming her world and empowering her clients. Drawing on her background and line of work in training, mentoring, and entrepreneurship, she became an advocate for the development of creativity and innovation in Business and Talent. An ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC), Registered Mentor she coaches and facilitates groups and teams of entrepreneurs and business executives. Professionally linked to companies for over 20 years, she founded her own branded company “Beyond Bright Minds” with the mission of bringing more creativity and innovation to education and lifelong learning, talent management, business, environment and to society for global contribution to progress, prosperity and well-being. Silvia is bilingual Portuguese and English working in both languages as a trainer, coach, and mentor.

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Carl is English and was originally a chemist and has spent all of his working life in big business, working in the pharmaceutical industry predominantly at the interface with other companies managing relationships on projects from the very technical to the financially huge. For last 10 years he has lived and worked outside the UK and over the past 20 years has written and delivered training courses across the globe, from Cape Town to Brussels, from Manila and Hong Kong to Philadelphia and Rio de Janerio, focussing on conflict management, relationships and the need for cultural insights. His interest in finding solutions to seemingly impossible situations led him to found ‘InsideOut Solutions’ in Switzerland from where he coaches executives, individuals and teams and runs training courses tailored to the specific needs presented. A member of ICF, Carl is both a NLP practitioner and a coach.