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The American Death Penalty is, overwhelmingly, the least arbitraryand the least capricious of all the world’s legal sanctions for violentcrime.

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Just as there have been many "" who attempt to deny the reality of Nazi genocide or minimize its impact, there are those who vehemently deny that many (or any) patients are being hastened to their death in America and elsewhere around the globe. Research definitively shows that patients are being involuntarily medically killed in the Netherlands and Belgium. In the United States, we have those who adhere to the standards of care who are deeply offended by the idea that anyone would commit these egregious crimes, and they frantically attack those who expose the realities in the end-of-life care industry, even when they repeatedly hear the same type of stories from separate sources over and over again. And we have others (who are casually implementing the culture of death and hastening death) doing everything possible to hide the truth so that their agenda can continue to be implemented and expanded. We also have many in our society who simply know the truth, that the health care system can be, and is being, "wielded" just like a gun, to medically kill some of the vulnerable. Some of them take advantage of the medications available in hospice and the terminal sedation protocol available in hospice, to impose death, and the hospice staff often go right along with the plan.

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The American people also seemto have evolved since the execution of Karla Tucker in February 1998: half the Texans did not want the death of this model prisoner - the first woman executed since 1863 - and 44% of the Americans would prefer life in prison without possibility of parole to the death penalty.

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Ten Iranian citizens were sentenced to death with no reprieve in January 2010 – they may have since been executed. At least 66 Filipino citizens were given death sentences for drug smuggling in January 2010, nine with no reprieve – the nine may have since been executed. A Russian woman was sentenced to death with a two-year reprieve on November 23, 2011, which brought the number of Russian nationals on China’s death row for drug trafficking to seven. According to a media report in 2011, at least 79 Filipinos were on China’s death row, mostly for drug trafficking. A 53-year-old South Korean national received the death penalty in 2012 for drug trafficking, becoming the third South Korean to be sentenced to death in China. A media report in September 2012 confirmed that a New Zealand citizen had been arrested in 2009 for a drug offense and sentenced to death with a two-year-reprieve. The prisoner had been trying to get his death penalty commuted to life imprisonment, but he may have since been executed. Mark Warren indicated in January 2013 that there had been reports of 3 Japanese, at least 1 South Korean, 2 Nepali, 10 Iranians, and 1 South African national on death row.

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Imagine you're a young white guy facing capital murder charges where you canreceive the death penalty... the victim in the case is a black man... when yougo to trial and step into the courtroom... the judge is a black man... the twoState prosecutors seeking the death penalty on you... are also black couldn't afford an attorney, so the Judge appointed you two defenselawyers who are also black men... you look in the jury box... there's 8 moreblack people and 4 hispanics... the only white person in the courtroom is you... How would you feel facing the death penalty? Do you believe you'll receivejustice?

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But no state of the world can afford such a high price.

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By Jack Lang, former Minister of Culture, Chairman of
the Foreign Affairs Committee in the National Assembly

Odell Barnes is one of the 3,547 convicts waiting on the death rows of 38 American states.