“She was in the audience again that night when he addressed a Zionist meeting in the Bronx….a full-breasted, wide-eyed young Jewess.”



– “personals” ad placed by a young Jewess, in , 24 September 1984;

“mikveh is a ritual bath designed for the Jewish rite of purification. The mikveh is not merely a pool of water; it must be composed of stationary, not flowing waters….and it has always held a special significance for Jewish women. Jewish Law prescribes that Jewesses immerse themselves in the mikveh following their menstrual period, in order to become ritually pure and resume sexual activity….”.


“I have already mentioned the rather strong dictum of Prince Bismarck’s that the union between a Teutonic stallion and a Semitic mare sometimes gives good results…”

– “Slums of Beverly Hills”, reviewed in  catalog #40, Spring 2007, p. 14;

– Meyer Levin, (New York, 1979), p. 106;

“Julie Blaustein…a prisoner of her own ambition. She’s thinking of creatively editing her resume, but knows she really should sell herself for what she is…Julie has a buxom bombshell figure, big auburn hair, high cheekbones, and almond-shaped hooded eyes…”.


“potent young Jewesses, skilled in the arts of erotic trickery….they leaned above him as he sat there at the table, deliberately pressing their heavy breasts against his shoulder”


“So. There’s this Jewish girl…big tits, and with a slight speech defect. Goes the doctor for a physical, undresses, sits on table. Doc puts stethoscope to her ample chest and says, ‘alright, now…big breath!’ And the young Jewess replies,

‘yeth, and I’m juth thixteen!'”

“Leaning forward, though not too far, he could see through the uncurtained window into the bathroom. Helen Bober was there….He thought she would stand there forever, but at last she stepped out of her bathrobe….


“Sophie Spivack goes to her philosophy class. The teacher is a blond grad student, a German, Ted Pfahl….(later) she has a date with him. She’s wearing tight jeans, and a white scarf knotted into a kind of bra…


“Tuesday: Adam (one of my friends from college and our sales guy) gives two demos and we had quite a few clients. I wake up this morning without a voice…a problem when we’re on a sales trip and the major active is chatting. I drink some beers, talk with a waitress, who’s yet another petite, big-breasted Jewish girl. Got a thing for little Jewesses with big tits…”.

“…nearsighted Jewish girls with big boobs.”

…her scarf from Jerusalem. As Sophie strides down the street, she feels the knot loosening at her neck, giving way at her back…”