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Hartmere and Intrabartolo begin their story, quite unconventionally, with the nonreality of a dream. Why not get the plot started instead? Why start by playing with notions of reality? There are several reasons. First, they are following Stephen Sondheim’s Ten Minute Rule, that they can employ any device, any convention, any rule-breaking, as long as it happens within the first ten minutes, to establish for the audience the rules for the evening. They use fantasy sequences three times in the show, and here they establish that device. This scene also tells the audience that this story will be a mix of very funny and very dramatic moments. But also, it’s a very efficient way of getting us inside Peter’s head, seeing his hopes, dreams, fears, questions, confusion, and his relationships with adults, with his peers, and with his religion. The creators understand dreams, the way the unconscious mind takes elements of our waking lives and reconnects them in unexpected (though not random) ways. Things don’t make logical sense because the conscious mind isn’t involved, but the dream still reveals the concerns, worries, and insecurities that get pushed back out of the way in our waking lives. So all of the information we pick up in this very funny opening scene is important in understanding the story ahead.

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, 7/1 -7/6. (1999)  In: The nature of the Crown : a legal and political analysis.

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.... Here are some other points of interest on the Marquart neckturning tool. Before I start neck turning or after a delay, I put theMarquart tool in my pocket for 5 or 10 minutes to warm it to body temperature. Because of the differences inthermal expansion between the aluminum and steel of the turning tool, the cold tool will cut about 0.0001 inchdeeper than when it is at body temperature! Once warm, it stays warm from my hands and neck friction as I useit. I use a mixture of Butter Flavored Crisco and grease on the mandrel to prevent it from galling inside the case neck. I have finally purchasedtungsten carbide mandrels for .17, .224, and 6mm and these really minimize galling of the brass. You canminimize galling with the steel mandrels by polishing them with FlitzMetal Polish. Once the brass does gall on a steel mandrel, you have to stop using it and clean it inSweet's 7.62 to get all the brass off and re-polish.

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And like emo, takes its teenage characters seriously. The show never laughs at their pain, never suggests that their problems are trivial or ridiculous (as shows like used to do), and it never doubts the depth of their love. Using a musical within a musical, the school’s production of a musical, may at first seem like a cliché, but it is exactly the right reference here, and the parallels play out in unexpected ways. How many of us first encountered ’s teen angst in high school? Unlike most of us, at least these kids see relevance to their own lives in the passion and tragedy of the Shakespeare play. It’s just as hard to be a kid now as it was then, the writers are telling us. In fact, it’s been hard. Adults can look back cynically and see only puppy love here, but these struggles are real to these characters and to the millions of young fans the show has across the United States.

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SPLIT NECKS.... Finally, the high stress with the hardened neck is what leads to split necks. It isa process called . Increasing the stress level increases the initiation ofcracks and crack propagation. Split necks are not hazardous, but they are a problem that can be prevented byannealing. It is easy to just buy some new brass when you start to see some cracked necks and do all the caseprep on the new brass. If you mix old and new brass, your neck tensions will be different and this isdetrimental to good accuracy.

.... I polish the inside of my rifle reloading dies. Mostdie manufacturers leave the die bores smooth but not polished. A polished die will resize with much less axialforce than one in the as-received condition. I disassemble them and put a little Flitz on a cotton bore mopheld in a drill motor and polish each one for 30 seconds or more at a 300 to 600 rpm speed. Sometimes I haveto wrap a paper towel around the swab to get a good fit. Then I clean all the polish out with hot water anddry with a paper towel wrapped around a clean cotton swab. The polishing process does not remove a measurableamount of material, but results in smoother operation, minimizes the scratching or scoring of the brass, andminimizes crumpling problems when I use them while forming wildcat brass.

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said, "It has been extensively revised and updated under the sanitizing direction of Stafford Arima. . . Much of Jon Hartmere and Damon Intrabartolo's original score has been replaced with inferior new material by Hartmere and Lynne Shankel. The few remaining original songs have been altered beyond recognition. . . With the exception of Alex Wyse, the young cast is mostly devoid of personality. In the lead role of Peter, Taylor Trensch can't even handle the show's vocal demands."

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.... Continuing on, I take another 4 or 5 cases and adjust the neckturning tool so that the neck diameter () is the same or 0.0001 inchlarger than the "spring back" diameter above. This is a cut and try process and takes some verycareful adjustments on the neck turning tool. After the neck turning tool is adjusted correctly, I load andfire the 5 cases and neck size them and repeat the neck turning without changing the setting on the Marquarttool. This final neck turning will usually take a slight skimming cut of less than 0.0001 inch. I load the 5cases again without doing any resizing and fire them and then clean the neck IDs with a brush and load them. Ifeel the neck tension by the force it takes to seat the bullet. If there is ample neck tension so that I can notpull the bullet out or seat it deeper with my fingers, I have the correct neck turning setting. I make nofurther adjustments to the neck turning tool. At this point I turn all the cases in the lot without changingthe turning tool setting. I fire-form the cases, neck size them, and take the final skimming cut. At thispoint, I have "fitted neck" cases for this particular custom-chambered rifle. These cases give methe optimum in accuracy and I never have to resize them again. If they start to get the least bit sticky inthe chamber (hard to open or close the bolt), I reduce the load and check for accuracy. The cases should lastindefinitely, since, after the first firing, they are only exposed to elastic stress levels. Most cartridgecases have a limited life because of high stress levels and the plastic deformations of the brass duringfiring and resizing. I have given up shooting maximum loads. They burn out the barrels and don't give me thereliable accuracy I require when the cross hair is on a critical target.