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As for Rao, I've always found his presence in Superman comics as off-putting and strange. I can see Rao in the context of Kryptonians who grew up on Krypton and identify as Kryptonians, but the Byrne Superman identifies with human beings first. This has started to change in a limited sense with Birthright, but it's still mostly in place.

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Just reading the always interesting 'Fool Brittannia', where Reggie muses on the (fascinating) Radio 4 documentary on the 'Jewishness' of Superman, and asks about the whereabouts of characters with clearly-defined religions in comics.

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I was thinking of Nightcrawler... Rahne Sinclair (Wolfsbane) was raised Calvinist... The Guthries (Sam, etc.) are Baptists. Clark Kent is a Methodist...

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Most of those are mass produced guns.

It should be emphasized that the classification of the "Superman" character as a Methodist is in no way based on the fact that actor Brandon Routh, who played "Superman in the 2006 feature film, is a . This is simply an irrelevant coincidence. The most one could say about this is that director Bryan Singer sensed in Routh a person with the same vibe or essence that he felt when reading about Superman in the comic books. The identification of a comic book character's religious affiliation is never based on the religious affiliation of the actors who portray the character. Nor is the religious affiliation of the writers who chronicle the character's stories a determining factor, although it may be informative.

can you find examples of what they should look like?

Too far right and too far left is pretty much the same thing.
This is why communism and fascism create similar disasters even though communism is too far left and fascism too far right

I see a reocurring submachine gun in there.

Superman for all Seasons delivers on this promise surprisingly well, granting the reader an inside look into the tale of a superhero who comes of age, told from the point of view of Jonathan Kent, Lois Lane, Lex Luther, and Lana Lang. The graphic novel is divided into four parts, named after each season of a year, and metaphorically representing the seasons of our lives.

never underestimate the ingenuity of the human race to find ways to inflict pain on each other.

if communism was so nice, why did it fail?

If you research the history of Superman, he is very much a Jewish creation. The Golem facet is part of it, although there are many parallels between Superman's story and the story of Moshe (Moses) found in the Bible.

just as long as you think of your keyboard as an instrument of idiocy…

“god given right to defend the gift of life”?

re: "I've never seen any evidence to suppor the assumption that Superman is Jewish. Nothing against Judaism, but that's just not the way Clark was raised, that's all."

your weird comments about world socialism aside (really– WHAT are you talking about?)

Ecclesiastes 3:3 “a time to kill, and a time to heal”

[...] capital of the world, nor Russia have been able to stop their dissident populations from building their own firearms. Since you can literally build a gun out of the contents of a trash bin, any laws made to stop [...]