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Nestled in beautiful Swannanoa Valley amidst the Black Mountain range, your cat(s) will enjoy a view of the woods, garden and birds through their own window at Cats Cradle. The distinctive town of Black Mountain has quaint and unique art and gift shops, music venues and restaurants; it is a couple of minutes away from the cattery and just 16 minutes east of Asheville.

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Located in the Asheville area, Cats Cradle's mission is to provide safe, clean, secure, cozy, dependable boarding for cats only in their own rooms. Each cat has its own 4X6X10' private room with a window, not a cage or small enclosure. Special kitties can get medications, extra meals, more cuddling or reassurance or playtime, to ensure your peace of mind and to keep your cat healthy and content. We also have reasonably priced pick up and delivery service for your convenience.

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From the cats' point of view, they enjoy a private room that's safe, secure, and serene. Tranquil music, soft blankets, beds, a ledge, and heated floors--everything a kitty could desire. Litter boxes are cleaned at least twice a day. Personal cat routines regarding feeding, meds, and playtime are kept as familiar as possible. Kitties have the opportunity to explore and play in the main area at least twice a day; or they can opt for more privacy by staying in their room in their own little hiding places.

As she does the last part, you should let the cat's cradle slide out of YOUR hands.


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