Effects of Divorce on Children's Health [Marripedia]

That being said, social workers still have a role and can help children understand their life story and tell children that “if contact with a former relative is important to you during childhood, we can discuss ways to make that happen in a safe way that will be beneficial to you”. Such contact could include letterbox, telephone, online, or face to face. Social workers also may need to assist when self initiated unmediated contact happens to, such as a child taking it into their own hands and finding the contact of a birth relative.

Effects of Divorce on Children's Health

Behavior of a Child Who Was Neglected

The Long-Term Effects of Divorce on Children.

61.514-61.516, upon being informed that a child custody proceeding has been commenced in, or a child custody determination has been made by, a court of another state under a statute similar to this section shall immediately communicate with the court of that state to resolve the emergency, protect the safety of the parties and the child, and determine a period for the duration of the temporary order.

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61.514-61.516, a child custody determination made under this section remains in effect until an order is obtained from a court of a state having jurisdiction under ss.

Attachment Theory and Effects of Divorce on Children …

Developing Mistrust Divorce -Children are NOT always able to overcome
difficulties associated with divorce between
their parents.
-Stretching or breaking the trust bond between the parents and their child can send the child back to the beginning of development and
instead show mistrust with people around them instead of trust.
-Indicators of low self-esteem, such as
shame, doubt, guilt, identity confusion,
and inferiority can cause emotional
disturbances and lead to
attachment disorder(s).

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Mistrust Characteristics of
Children of Divorce Some thought and behavior problems that can follow children into adulthood are:

-Lack of trust.
-Unfocused anger.
-Unwillingness to be accountable.
-Low self-esteem.
-Learning by doing (instead of observing others
or being told how.)
-Failure to reason cause-and-effect relationships.
-Fear of abandonment.
-Behavior driven by value system.

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Dysfunction -Difficulties in parenting may include: Parent/Child Relations -As the increase of divorce rises, the relationships between children and their parents become under attack.
-When a parent feels more stressed, they lack the sufficient energy, time, and patience to give to their children.
-Rules and roles become flexible in the family
and less defined to cope with the ever changing
family structure.
-Parents then have a fall out with the
child's extracurricular activities,
and have more disagreements.

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Developing Trust -On the contrary, if mistrust is
learned in the younger stages, the
subsequent developmental stages
are damaged.
-Mistrust is often the end result of
the broken or stretched bond
between the parent and child
because of divorce, abuse,
or neglect.

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