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Therefore, if aChristian interprets the Bible to say that women should not serveas pastors and men should take the leadership role in the home,that is what they should teach and practice regardless of what Mr.

In early Christianity, women were important messengers of the new ..

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Carter said the Southern Baptist Convention, which has almost 16 million members, has adopted policies "that violate the basic premises of my Christian faith," including a denominational statement that prohibits women from being pastors and tells wives to be submissive to their husbands.

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The final straw was adenominational statement adopted in Junethat prohibits women from being pastors,says wives should be submissive to theirhusbands, and eliminates language from anearlier version that said "the criterion bywhich the Bible is to be interpreted is JesusChrist."The new statement, a revision of the BaptistFaith and Message, culminated a two-decade-long battle in thecountry's largest non-Catholic Christian denomination.

Aug 17, 2014 · The vast majority of American Christians hate Islam – but we shouldn’t. We (yes, I’m an American Christian) love to tell everyone how Islam is a religion of war, their whole goal is to take over the world and establish a religious government, they treat women like property, ad nauseum, ad infinitum.

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We should also avoid being intimidated by Satan to the point that it affects our prayers—he is an enemy to be resisted. As James 4:7 puts it, “Therefore submit to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.” For that reason, feel free to pray to God out loud if you wish. (Of course, you should use your judgment and pray silently if you are in the middle of a library, for example.) Although Satan should not be directly challenged (Jude 9), we must not cower from praying to God because we are afraid Satan might overhear us. Satan is not in charge of Christian lives, Jesus is.

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Around the 40th name, I became overwhelmed with both despairfor their lives and frustration for the fact that so many of us don'tunderstand the connection between attitudes of inequality of womenand these women's and girls' deaths.

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But if Jesus died in the afternoon, as the gospel accounts suggest, then there would not have been sufficient time to prepare the body that day. The women would be forced to leave the body unwashed in the sealed tomb, then come back another day to finish the job. However, the timing was very unfortunate. According to the gospel accounts, Jesus died on a Friday, in which case the women could not return the following day - Saturday - because that day was the Sabbath. The earliest opportunity for the women to attend to the body of Jesus was first light Sunday morning, precisely when the gospels say the women did return to the tomb.

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The Southern Baptists have removed themiddle ground upon which all Christians respect differingreligious views and used that ground to build a fortress to prop uptheir increasingly intolerant view of women in general and otherChristians in particular.

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The landscape of the Christian story is full of hills and mountains: Mount Tabor is where Jesus is said to have been transfigured - lit up with heavenly radiance - in front of his ; the Mount of Olives was the setting for Jesus' entry into Jerusalem, and the reported site of his ascension; and Gethsemane was the place of his betrayal, which set the course for his dramatic final days on earth. Add to this list the location for the Sermon on the Mount, and the high mountain on which we are told Jesus endured one of his temptations by Satan, and a clear pattern can be seen.