It shows two robed Christian saints.

However, blaming the church is not an acceptable excuse for Christians following the corruption of the world. Christians fail miserably because they lose focus and become blind forgetting the world and the Christian can in no way co-exist. Here is what this whole thing boils down to; God is only alive when Christians put the world to death! This deserves repeating, God is only alive when Christians put the world to death! We cannot, we must not ever put the world before God but Christians do it all the time and do you know how we do it, we cheat ourselves out of God’s blessings by wasting our time on indulgence of this world! Consider only your leisure time because time will vary with those who work, raising a family and those retired. Okay here comes the first lightning strike; what ever time you spend on leisure give God the exact same amount of time. Second lightning strike, even if you do you are still in the world half the time! Third lightning strike and this is the tough one, eventually all your leisure time must be devoted to God! Christians can never live side by side with the world and expect to be righteous. If you do not spend more time with God the world will eventually take over all your time and if you doubt here is the proof; this nation is it more moral or immoral?

But no one of us is better than another.

We all get one life to live and deep down we’re all asking the same question – what’s it all about?

Islam and Christianity do NOT Worship the Same God!

What’s more, it doesn’t seem that the focus on sexual immorality is out of place, considering the focus it was given in the life of the early church. Consider the first church council, in Jerusalem (Acts 15). One of the first rules the apostles laid down for the Gentiles, in order that they be seen as Christians in good standing, was to abstain from “sexual immorality,” a term which, in first-century Judaism, was largely informed by Leviticus 18, including its proscription of same-sex intercourse. This indicates just how central sexual ethics was to the practice and understanding of the gospel in the first century.

Islam and Christianity do NOT Worship the Same God

SomeChristian reader of Josephus believing that the James mentioned was thebrother of Jesus made a note of his belief in the manuscript before him,and this a transcriber afterward incorporated with the text, a verycommon practice in that age when purity of text was a matter ofsecondary importance.The fact that the early fathers, who were acquainted with Josephus, andwho would have hailed with joy even this evidence of Christ's existence,do not cite it, while Origen expressly declares that Josephus has notmentioned Christ, is conclusive proof that it did not exist until themiddle of the third century or later.

Bayliss discusses the thorny question of whether one can tell Christian destruction from that wrought by earthquakes, foreign invaders, or neglect.

The Decline Of Christianity In America - The Last Days

The Bible does not contradict itself, despite being written by 40 differentmen from widely different circumstances. Just one man wrote the Qur'an so, ifit had no self-contradictions, it would prove little. However, it turns out thatthis one man did contradict himself.

"GOD" in Arabic and Aramaic sound the same:

The evidence proves, not just that Muhammad was not a prophet like Jesus, butthat in fact Muhammad was not a true prophet of God at all. His teaching bearsnone of the proofs of true prophetic teaching, but it does bear all the earmarksof being the work of a false prophet. (Matthew 7:15-23; 15:14; 2 Corinthians11:13-15; 1 Timothy 4:1-3; Acts 20:28-30; 1 John 4:1; 2 Timothy 4:2-4; Titus1:9-14; 2 John 9-11; Romans 16:17,18; Galatians 1:6-9; 2 Peter chap. 2)

Which the wicked devils have imitated in the mysteries of Mithras, commanding the same thing to be done.

It has the same meaning as the cross.

Mennonite: Includes Amish as well as many other "Plain Churches."

Restoration Movement (Stone-Campbell): Primarily includes the "Christian Churches and Churches of Christ", "Church of Christ" (or "Churches of Christ") and the "Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)"; [Stone-Campbell churches should not be confused with Latter Day Saint denominations, which are part of a separate Restoration (usually referred to by Latter Day Saints simply as "The Restoration" or "Restoration of the Gospel").

We base our morals on the same thing everyone else does, a reasoned and agreed upon social morality.

Messianic Judaism and Christianity: Two Religions With …

One conservative reaction to such volatile rhetoric (not to mention the factual realities) is to assume that the current generation of parents and offsprings have simply “wandered away from the truth … which, by the way, we still posses.” To fall for such logic, however, suggests that what’s needed is a good dose of the old time religion. Or, for people to get saved and find Jesus as their personal savior.

Christianity: The world's largest religion

I suggest there are a number of related primary reasons why people jettison the Christian faith system as they are doing around the world. And, none of my list has to do with their personal immorality or lack of spiritual awareness. Here’s may take on what they may be: