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6. Write up a communication strategy document: This is essential to clearly define, layout and track all the key steps mentioned above. A written document can also be shared easily with all campaigners to ensure that everyone is ‘on the same page’, in terms of messaging and how communications activities will be conducted.

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We cover Digital News, Social Media and Mobile APP platforms to drive and deliver powerful communication messages to your target audience. We don’t stop at that, our bouquet of services covers ORM, Social Media Policy, Online Crisis management, Digital Media advertising covering SEO, SEM, SMM and more. Digital media is an open source platform and we understand the strategies that will help you through this maze.

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[…] kind of communication with hairstylists who will sell our product is called, internal public communication. Communicating with your corporation’s internal public is CRUCIAL in business success and […]

As a result you are then better placed to make informed choices and develop a more successful marketing strategy.

Section 1. Developing a Plan for Communication

Effective communication is driven by the purpose of the campaign: what must change and who needs to be reached so as to bring about change? Within the overall campaign strategy, the communication strategy defines how to capture the attention of the target audiences and convey a compelling campaign message.

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We conceptualize, create, and design winning communication strategies for Corporate organizations and Brands. Collaborate with us to influence perceptions and create new realities. Let the world see you in a new light and in the way you want them to see you.

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Lovingly known as Sirji is our 'Go-to Man'. With nearly two decades of experience in communications under his belt, Surya heads the Core Operations, Crisis Communication Management and Special Projects. He also oversees the day-to-day PR operations across our offices and networks. He is an invaluable support to the team and development of the young Axiom C+S. He brings in extensive knowledge about media relations in Tier 2 & 3 cities where Print Media still matters. Prior to Axiom C+S, Sirji was the South Media Head @ Perfect Relations and has worked with brands of various sizes and sectors across India.

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Ram comes with over 25 years of experience in the marketing communications industry and has been in charge of several high profile campaigns covering the entire spectrum of corporate and brand communication mandates. He has helped shape large national campaigns for several leading Corporate brands like Intel, Apollo Hospitals, India cements, Sun Direct, Chola Finance, TVS Tyres, Bharat Matrimony, Saint Gobain, Air Asia India, Skore Condoms, CREDAI, CII-South India, Funskool, MRF Foundation, Woodland, Naturals Salon and many others who have benefitted from his sharp and practical advice when it comes to the right communication method. As our chief evangelist and communication architect he will be hands on in ideating, planning, strategizing and directing the team to manage the communication goals for clients. His digital media strategy will add a wow that will complete your communication cycle. At the moment, he has his hands full giving shape and direction to the specialised PR and Digital media wings of our sister concern Axiom C+S.


During the process, the problem has been identified, the situation analyzed, the stakeholders and target audiences identified, and the campaign objectives or intended outcomes set. This forms the basis to begin crafting a communications strategy.