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The reason is context. Whenever foreigners are surveyed about prices in Japan, fruit is always cited as being overpriced, but basically, they are comparing Japanese fruit prices to those in their home countries. Japanese people tend to think of fruit as a species of dessert, and they prefer very sweet fruit, which local growers provide, but at a premium. Citrus fruits are considered too sour by most Japanese — except for mandarin oranges (mikan), which are prized for their sweetness and are very easy to peel. The agriculture ministry says that per-capita consumption of fruit in Japan is about half that of the European Union.

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Believe me you have nothing to worry about. When I went to Dr. Pichet I was almost a damn chrome dome! I had everything but the horseshoe haircut. And, like you I certainly had concerns and reservations about medical practices in what is deemed a 3rd world country— However, I found out first hand 3rd world was all bullshit—Thailand is every bit as modern and up to date as anywhere. Bangkok alone has about 10 million population. True the average common person wage is like $300 Dollars a month, but it ’s relative to life as we knew it in the 60 ’s in the US. You can walk the streets day and night and never have to fear for your safety. Since 2002 I have been to Thailand 11 times —8 of those times were for strictly recreational purposes which I ’ll be happy to enlighten you on if you are interested.

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