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The most popular treatment approach for computer game addiction is cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). CBT for gaming addiction involves challenging and replacing unhealthy thoughts (cognitions) about computer games (e.g., "my gaming doesn't hurt anyone") and introducing gradual behavioral changes to reduce the time spent playing video games (e.g., rewards for following new rules, appropriate consequences for time limit violations, planned reminders to stop playing, software solutions, involvement in other activities, identifying and reducing enabling behaviors, avoiding environmental triggers, etc.).

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For now, computer game addiction is not an official psychological disorder.

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These and other cases of child neglect circulated in the popular media became emblematic of Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD) or Pathological Internet Use (PIU).

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Most interventions take a approach which involve changing how the addict thinks about the addiction (for example, recognizing cognitive distortions designed to convince the gamer that it is not a problem), and simultaneously changing his/her behaviors (for example, setting strict limits for play, taking care of other responsibilities before gaming, using game blocking software or devices, etc.).

Most kids and teenagers can and do play computer games without developing an addiction.

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For example, Snodgrass (1997) reported that "women are nearly twice as likely to suffer from Internet Addiction." And the examples of female Internet addicts were, indeed, quite striking: One woman, for example, was reported to have been so involved in the Internet that she neglected to provide food and healthcare for her children, and she forgot to buy heating oil for the house (Bricking, 1997).

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When Psychologist and Professor Kimberly Young (1996a; 1996b) concluded in her academic study that women were more likely than men to self-report an addiction to the Internet (see also, American Psychological Association, 1996; 1997; Young, 1998), the popular press reported that women were particularly at risk for the condition.

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She investigates ways in which the discourse prescribes particular codes of conduct such as work and gender, as well as how Internet addicts themselves, draw on the discourse toward particular modes of self-governance (See also Reed, 2002).

In this regard, computer game addiction has more in common with  than alcohol or drug addiction.

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Thus, in the case of Internet addiction, it is important to look at the knowledge practices surrounding the condition as being implicated in how people negotiate the "conduct of conduct"—how people regulate and govern others (and regulate and govern themselves) through the production of truth (Rose, 1998, p.

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Despite the challenges and inevitable frustrations of dealing with teen computer game addiction, parents must remember never to give up teenagers addicted to computer games. Although changing unhealthy video game habits is not always easy, especially if parents have the critical information and strategies they need for .

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She draws on psychological and popular discourses surrounding Internet addiction, as well as the voices of Internet addicts, to critically investigate how Internet addiction functions to produce and regulate particular behaviors and selves.