What's the difference between Taoism, Buddhism, and Confucianism

Another difference in the two theories is that Confucianism is too rigid. It does not believe in too much freedom because the leaders who use this theories use coercion to express their rule on the people. The theory believes that people need to be controlled for the better so that things can be put where they are supposed to be in order for civilization to take place (Watson 5). On the contrary, Taoism theory believes in natural law where the flow of nature is allowed to take its course. This means that the rules or the chaos in the world should only be settled by the forces of nature and not force or coercion. This theory believes in freedom where people should be free in their activities (Waley 6). Therefore, the theory of Confucianism is more rigid and does not believe in freedom but the theory of Taoism is more flexible and believes that people should be free to do whatever they please in accordance with nature.

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The Classics of Taoism are less entensive and less organized than those of Confucianism.

Essay about Comparing Buddhism, Confucianism, and Taoism

On the other hand, the two theories have some similarities in them despite the fact that they hold different principles in them. One of the similarities is that they are both not religious theories. This is because they do not offer any advice in the matters of religion. For example, which gods to believe or when is the correct time to pray. The only thing that this two theories hold is the individual believes of a person and the different behaviors of a person. Confucianism theory states that the ethics and moral behaviors are the way forward while the Taoism theory believes in letting nature mold a person behavior. Therefore, it can be argued that the two theories only state on the different behaviors in which people are supposed to follow.

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Confucianism theory believes that leaders are made. It means that in order for one to become a leader, he or she must be taught how to become a leader. This means that a leader has to be created through the different teachings. Therefore, for somebody to become a leader, he or she must learn how to become one. In the Taoism theory, it believes that a leader is created by the forces of nature. It believes that nobody has to be taught to become a leader (Watson 10). Taoism theory believes that it is nature, which makes a leader and not the teachings that one has to undergo.

What's the difference between Confucianism and Taoism

The theory of Taoism theory by Chuang Tzu can be applied in today’s way of living. For example, the butterfly story where Chuang Tzu was asleep dreaming that he was a butterfly. Suddenly, he woke up. He was thinking whether the butterfly was dreaming to be a man or it was he who was dreaming about the butterfly. Additionally, he asked himself how you know that you have stopped dreaming (Waley 23). The story is about transformation of one state to another or from one behavior into another. In the current world, a person may experience several changes but the transformation from one state into another is not easily known by a person. Therefore, by using this theory, one would understand easily at what point the change occurred. However, in the Confucianism theory it would be very difficult for somebody to know when there is a change or a transformation.

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Another way the theory of Taoism the story the butterfly can be applied in the story the butterfly is how people cope with different problems. When one is dreaming, he is able to feel every thing and emotions like fear or happiness are felt. This is the same as to when one is not dreaming because you can still feel the same feelings as compared to when one is sleep. In this case, when one is experiencing troubles in his or her life, he or she can use the same principles that are used to get out from a bad dream. Therefore, it can be argued that people can get out of their problems by the use of the strategies that one uses while he or she has experienced a bad dream unlike the Confucianism theory where it believes that nature cannot teach anybody anything.

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In the story about the butcher, Taoism can be applied in the real life story today. The story is about a butcher who has been selling meat for the last seventeen years and he has being using the same knife since then. The knife has never been sharpened. When the butcher was asked why, he says that he understood the different contours in the meat and the only thing that he has to do is place the knife and let it do the work (Waley 77). In life today, it is better for somebody to understand the nature of something so that he or she can easily solve it. For example, if somebody wants to build a new machine that can cut grass, he or she must understand the best position in which it is easier to cut grass. In Confucianism, there is no way one can learn this without learning through nature. Therefore, it can be said that it is easier to apply the Taoism theory in life as compared to the Confucianism theory.