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Trying to pinch too many pennies can yield short-sided thought processes and results that eventually will cost more to remedy

Human Resources
Retaining the “A” players within this business segment where their talents and skills could still be of use once the interactive media business segments is shuttered
Nail down what people are essential to divesting the segment and doing so in a way that is organized and structured
Talent assessment is critical to retaining the right people

Strategy Implementation
Strategy Formulation
Trend Analysis
A short and long term plan should be developed, with short term being the first three months and the long term being year 2014 and into 2015

Teams should be formed with a respective lead for each

Frequency of communication and what the team’s decision levels and authority are should likewise be made upfront and clearly established

Specified and agreed upon toll gates are established to track progress and are used to determine if specific issues or teams are on time or behind schedule

Strategy Implementation
Strategy Implementation
Strategy Implementation
Annual Objectives
All operations and functions cease for the Interactive Media Business by Q2 2015
Team formation and operational plan developed by Q1 2014
Operating expenses cut by 20%

Costs and expenses for divestment known and established Q1 2014
Costs and expenses captured and recorded timely and precisely
Additional contracted work captured and recorded – less than 25% SGA

Human Resources
Top team leaders and managers selected by January 2014
Talent inventory measured by end of Q2 2014
Outlay of separation packages no more than 10% of SGA expenses
Strategy Implementation
Strategy Implementation
Current Organization Structure
Divisional by product portfolio
Theme Parks and Resorts, Consumer Goods
Studio Entertainment, Network Media, Interactive Media

Mixed mechanistic and organic
Process based operations - Mechanistic
Knowledge based products - Organic
Non-standard customer service activities - Organic
Strategy Implementation
Proposed Organizational Structure
Environment remains complex

Change rate remains dynamic
Consumer Preference

Organization Culture
Corporate Social Responsibility
When thinking about Disney, you think about the parks, the rides, the families and fun.

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The Walt Disney Company rated number 2 of top 100 most reputable companies

Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate Social Responsibility
“We aspire to inspire together.

According to a recent article in Forbes, The Walt Disney Company was ranked as the top company relating to corporate social responsibility.
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