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Such claims also raise the question; was Warner perhaps attempting to triple bluff the respective football associations of Egypt, Morocco and South Africa? He is fast emerging as the most corrupt man in this FIFA scandal, which is really quite the feat.

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1. (C) SUMMARY: At a XXXXXXXXXXXX meeting, XXXXXXXXXXXX told EconOff that major institutions and processes of the Moroccan state are being used by the Palace to coerce and solicit bribes in the country's real estate sector. XXXXXXXXXXXX recounted his recent experience in the context of his XXXXXXXXXXXX real estate project, and specifically cited difficulties with Omnium Nord Africaine (ONA), the king's holding company, which involved an imposed trip to Doha to meet with wealthy Qatari investors and Al-Jazeera officials. XXXXXXXXXXXX made clear to his Qatari interlocutors that Morocco's major investment decisions were in reality made by three individuals in the Kingdom: XXXXXXXXXXXX, XXXXXXXXXXXX, and the King himself. "To have discussions with anyone else would be a waste of time", XXXXXXXXXXXX reportedly told his Qatari interlocutors. XXXXXXXXXXXX argues that, contrary to popular belief, corruption in the real estate sector during the reign of King Mohammed VI is becoming more, not less, pervasive. END SUMMARY.

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He has suggested in an interview with a Moroccan French language website that the 2010 World Cup vote was marred by corruption and questionable practices.

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Significantly, during interviews conducted in Rabat and Casablanca in early July 2007, independent experts and civil-society activists, as well as journalists, consistently used the following words to summarize the scope of corruption in Morocco: "commonplace" (), "systematized," "entrenched," "institutionalized" and "endemic."

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In short, corruption is not merely one of the many daunting challenges that Morocco faces; it lies at the very heart of its economic and political troubles.

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2. (C) XXXXXXXXXXXX said major institutions and processes of the Moroccan state are used by the Palace to coerce and solicit bribes in the real estate sector. While corrupt practices existed during the reign of King Hassan II, XXXXXXXXXXXX explained, they have become much more institutionalized with King Mohammed VI. Institutions such as the royal family's holding company, Omnium Nord Africaine (ONA), which now clears most large development projects, regularly coerce developers into granting beneficial rights to ONA, he claimed.

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This ill-fated campaign – which rocked Morocco for six months, spread fear throughout the business world, and entailed a highly selective and arbitrary enforcement of laws and regulations – had done much to tarnish even further the reputation of the CSJ and to strengthen the determination of anti-corruption activists to see it eliminated.

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Thus, the pervasive and institutionalized nature of corruption in Morocco today largely reflects a particular mode of governance that has yet to be dismantled.

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The royal family remains the primary shareholder in Morocco's largest private conglomerate, ONA-SNI, which controls the distribution of a broad array of goods and equipment in the kingdom, in addition to dominating the agribusiness, financial-services and mining sectors.