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The Cost of Living index is based on data furnished by uniformed members assigned to each overseas location. DTMO's Allowances Branch uses two surveys to determine the relative cost of living: a Living Pattern Survey and a Retail Price Schedule.

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Survey results may show, for example, that in September the market basket items on average in CONUS cost $100 while at your overseas duty station the same items cost $130.00 indicating that the cost of living is 30% higher in your area. As a result and you would receive COLA to help pay the extra costs associated with the higher cost of living overseas.

5. So if the cost of living is 30 percent higher at my duty station, will my paycheck be 30 percent larger?

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Yes. If you are a member without dependents living in government quarters such as the barracks or aboard ship, you will receive less COLA to reflect your lower living expenses. If you are a member with accompanying dependents living in either on-base family housing or off base housing, your COLA will not be affected.

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The cost of living difference between your current location and Juneau (or another Alaskan city) could be quite high or it could be about the same. Non-3-D evening movies in Juneau are $11:00 ($10.25 in Anchorage), a loaf of good bread like Oro Wheat is about $4.50, gas in Juneau is 3.75$ a gallon and is around 3.60$ a gallon in Anchorage.

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I started UAA (University of Alaska, Anchorage) in 1988 so I'm not sure how much the campus has changed since then. I have gone back and visited a couple of times and it seems pretty much the same. My experiences there were mixed. First of all, I lived off campus my first year, which made it difficult to meet new people. If you're just out of high school or a "traditional" aged student, I would highly recommend living in the dorms. Once I moved to the dorms I made a ton of close friends, many of whom I'm still close with today.

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Anchorage has a pretty good as well but it is even more spread out than Juneau. I lived in Anchorage for 3 years without a car and it's doable, but you have to be committed, particularly in the winter when it gets cooooold. If you fly into Alaska, there are plenty of places to buy new and used cars once you get here.

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I wish I had more information about smaller communities in Alaska but I've never lived in one so I can't really say. I have spent considerable time in places like Seward, Homer, Eagle River, Whitter, Indian, and Kenai/Soldatna...as well as fewer visits to places like Telkeetna, Fairbanks, Denali, Valdez and Chitna and some very small bush communities but I've never *lived* in any of these places.

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On the other hand, salaries tend to be higher in Alaska as well. Make sure that you determine the cost of living adjustment for Alaska by using a . You can put in the calculator that you make 50 grand where you live now, and it might tell you that you'll need to make 70 grand in Juneau (for example) but figure that out so you can negotiate a fair salary.