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8. Create and maintain an online journal with interactive responses from your classmates. This is a great way to foster an online dialogue with your classmates.

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Yes, the Ramboard worked quite well. However, it is fairly expensive. (I only used it on the lower level, where the concrete was placed right at the beginning of the job. Upstairs I used poly sheet before drywalling.) Still, next time I would hire someone to do a careful job of floor protection right after any concrete was placed. I’d probably use Ramboard again. I’d probably still put down poly before the drywall was hung. Dryway makes a mess of the floors. It is so painful to have to scrape and scrub at the end of the job, before applying floor sealer. You don’t notice all the drips and marks during construction, but they all have to be cleaned off at the end. I was not careful enough about the floors in the final stages (finish carpentry and painting). None of the guys (except possibly the painters) are very careful about floors, so you really do have to protect them.

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Finally, there are a whole class of penetrating concrete sealers called silicates. (There are lots more mysterious sealers like silicones, siliconates, and silanes…from what I can discern, the best for smooth floors are the silicates.) These are very low viscosity liquids that penetrate the concrete and react with the CaOH in the material. This results in a permanent integral seal. The reaction can go as deep as several inches. It apparently increases hardness and resistance to liquids. The silicates do not, however, impart any sheen to the surface. I do not know the extent to which they resist dusting, either. I believe that a polished concrete floor (e.g., a Home Depot floor) is first treated with a silicate before polishing with a diamond pad, which gives it some sheen. Conventional acrylic coatings adhere over silicates, so one approach might be to first apply a silicate and then apply an acrylic coating. I’ve not tried this, and my sense is that it is overkill for a residential floor.

How and why to create a class wiki

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How and why to create a class wiki - Creative Education Blog

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