Green Day closes out the bit, with a wonderful punchline.

It was here that the only notable German naval activity of the day occurred, when three E-boats emerged through the Allied smoke screen, fired a salvo of torpedoes, which sank the Norwegian destroyer Largs, and made off unscathed.

Order of the Day, June 6, 1944:

She has quite a lot to say about Green Day.
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In Case of Failure of the D-Day Operation:

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It comes out this Friday, January 5th.

Gold Beach spanned nearly 10 miles long although the areas where landings were to occur were about 5 miles wide. Gold was characterized mainly by the 3 sea villages of La Riviè²¥, Le Hamel, and the small port of Arromanches to the west. The Allied sectors were designated from west to east: How, Item, Jig, and King. Of these four sectors, only the easternmost 3 were to actually become assault sectors.

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Visitor of the Open Club Day at the venue Emmetrop in France

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American landing craft approach Omaha beach on D-Day (ALAMY)

With the fighting moving inland, the 3rd Division deployed its reserves: the 9th Infantry Brigade, supported by the 27th Armoured Regiment. The first battalions arrived in Bernières at 1140, but the crowding of the beach slowed them down as they moved towards the meeting point near Bény. Fortunately there were no enemy aircraft or ships to attack the massive concentration of men and material that slowly moved inland. As D-Day drew to an end, Canadians had succeed in advancing quite deeply towards Creully, Colomby-sur-Thaon and Anisy, short of their assigned targets but far enough to make the operation a definite success.

He will be the only winner of a Victoria Cross on D-Day.

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In a single day, 574 men of the 3rd Canadian Division were wounded and 340 were killed. Such was the price of victory. Some paid more dearly: V US Army Corps at Omaha Beach fought on the beach till the end of day. The Allies had broken through the Atlantic wall and established a bridgehead in France. The Germans were caught unprepared as they thought the operation was merely a diversion, the real landing being planned near Calais. Their disorganized troops were not able to withstand the assault; but they would be quick to redress the situation and the following day, SS Panzer Divisions launched violent counter-attacks to drive back the Canadians.