No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful.

Plautus's protagonist here complains about the social discipline and expectations that arose when these measurements of time were introduced. The invention of artificial units of time measurement made the introduction of possible, and time management was not universally appreciated by those whose time was managed.

Secret #1: Accountability--the first half of time "discipline".

When we are punished, it seems to us at the time something to make us sad, not glad.

Secret #2: Environment--the second half of time "discipline".

With invention of the in 1656 by , came time, with a fixed pace of 3600 seconds per hour. By 1680, both a minute hand and then a second hand were added. Some of the first of these had a separate dial for the minute hand (turning counter-clockwise), and a hand that took 5 minutes per cycle. Even as late as 1773, towns were content to order clocks without minute hands.

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Suspensions are associated with negative student outcomes such as lower academic performance, higher rates of dropout, failures to graduate on time, decreased academic engagement, and future disciplinary exclusion.

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Be sure to consider the length of time that will work best for your child. Experts say 1 minute for each year of age is a good rule of thumb; others recommend using the timeout until the child is calmed down (to teach self-regulation).

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There is a powerful drive in human nature that wants to be esteemed by those people you admire. One of the best ways to increase your time discipline is to have a formal accountability structure to someone whose respect you want to earn, and whose opinion of you you care deeply about.

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Neither employee had ever had any disciplinary action taken against them. But, in this instance, because of the widespread impact of their actions, they were each given a week off—unpaid— to think about proper behavior at work.

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The following clause may seem to confine our thought to the latter; but, with a lower sense of "righteousness," the maxim is true of the wise discipline of earthly parents.--Better, () The "peaceful" fruit stands in contrast with the unrest and trouble which have preceded during the time of "chastening." But there is more than rest after conflict, for the object of the conflict is attained; the fruit consists in righteousness.

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The National Charter School Resource Center () is dedicated to helping charter schools reach their aspirations and furthering understanding of the charter schools. To meet those goals, NCSRC offers a diverse selection of objective resources on every aspect of the charter school sector. Their suite of discipline resources is helping educators create stronger school communities by adopting that reimagine the role of discipline in their schools and to support initiatives that build positive school climates and develop less punitive approaches to school discipline.

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The bottom line is that the real secret of time discipline is to harness the power of accountability (and the social drive we all have to be esteemed by people we respect) and controlling your environment so that you design out those old distractions, at least for part of your week.