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Even after the Simla Convention, the government of Tibet had continuously maintained de facto power over Tawang till the mid-20th century.

This paper is categorized into five phases such as (a) the physical geography of Monyul, (b) political administration of Monyul, (c) taxation, law and order, (d) language and culture and (e) the Simla Convention and Monyul’s political transformation.

Physical Geography of Monyul

The source of literature reviews on Monyul is rich in the Tibetan historical catalogues and Tibetan Buddhist texts.

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And no government supports Tibet’s claim they were never part of China’s motherland.
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Politically and diplomatically, Tibet was always within the Chinese sphere of action, but its modern annexation is an anomaly both of Tibetan and of (Han) Chinese history.

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Tibet, while a sub-Indian culture like Thailand, and which was once strong enough to drive China out of Sinkiang, was never subordinate to a native Chinese government (i.e.

Shakabpa, a Tibetan historian, wrote about this in his political history of Tibet.
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The course is open to anyone with an interest in Tibetan studies, Tibetan and Tibetan Buddhist culture, or the history of the book in Asia. We warmly welcome students with no Tibetan language skills; for those with knowledge of Tibetan language, we will offer advanced reading suggestions (including Tibetan language sources) and there will be in-class activities in which these students will have the opportunity to use their language skills. In their personal statements, applicants should indicate their background (if any) in Tibetan language and/or Tibetan studies, their interest in the subject, and how they anticipate using knowledge gained in the course.

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It's worth bearing in mind that Tibet much more than the rest of China ) is effectively a police state, and political discussions with local Tibetans can have serious consequences. It is illegal to bring pictures of the Dalai Lama into Tibet. Incidentally, many of the secret police are ethnic Tibetans.

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Students will have opportunities for hands-on examination of Tibetan books housed at the University of Virginia Libraries and Rare Book School while also utilizing photographic and digital reproductions. There will also be a full-day field trip to the Library of Congress in Washington, DC to view Tibetan materials in that collection. Most class discussions will be centered around issues raised by particular Tibetan books used in the classroom or selected excerpts from Tibetan literature representing a variety of genres (English and Tibetan versions will be available). These literary excerpts will give students an opportunity to discuss the wider cultural role and impact of the book in Tibet and also explore how Tibetan sources might be used in the study of book history.

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It made no difference that the Chinese claim was based on highly dubious histori­cal grounds: between 1950 and 1970 the Chinese 'liberated' the Tibetans of their in­dependence, drove their spiritual leader and 100,000 of Tibet's finest into exile, caused 1.2 million Tibetan deaths and destroyed most of the Tibetans' cultural heritage.

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Travel agencies in Chengdn organise packages to Lhasa for between Y2500 and Y3200 per person. This often includes a Y200 deposit, which either has to be used to arrange onward transport or is refunded when you leave Tibet. Buses from Golmud are arranged by the China International Travel Service (CITS: Zhongguo Guoji Liixingshe) and cost around Y1600 for the Y210 bus ticket alone! It is now possible to fly to Lhasa from Zhongdian in Yunnan by first arranging the ticket and permits through a travel agency in KCmming. See the Chengdu and Golmud entries for more details.