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Can energy be generated from empty space, from nothing—OUT OF THE VOID?
In the 1920s, Carl Schappeller claimed that he was able to develop a mechanism—a machine—by means of which a hitherto unexplored form of energy—free energy—could be accessed.
He mobilised a great many supporters. The Catholic Church, members of the former German Imperial dynasty, the English navy and numerous private persons were among those patrons who invested millions in his project.
Completely crazy? A charlatan and imposter from the last century?
The film takes up the trail of the audacious idea: old silent movies, documents, discoveries in the attic and the reminiscences of elderly people all lead us into a fictional world, in which Schappeller and his clan make their appearance as spirits.
After delving deep into the past, the film undergoes a transformation, ending up in the present.
In an industrial wasteland in Germany, a solitary experimental physicist continues to pursue the idea of free energy, while in India the former head of a nuclear power plant is already working on an innovative generator which is intended to utilise free energy.
The film reveals connections, breaks and continuities in the study of the phenomenon of free energy, and as a documentary-cum-feature film raises the question: What is reality? What is fiction?
A cinematic exploration of the borders between belief and knowledge, between vision and hubris.

The Maccabee – Against the Documentary Hypothesis

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The Documentary Hypothesis [Umberto Cassuto, Joshua A

We nowhave of Old Testament texts and fragments tocompare and in every single case the format found in our OldTestaments is validated - if the documentary theory were reallycorrect surely some manuscript evidence would have beendiscovered somewhere to reveal the work of these dishonest menand their literary conspiracy?

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The documentarians have not updated the documentary hypothesis to take this into account, so we still find them assigning very late dates to their hypothetical sources of the Torah....

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Sure it is, but this is exactly what some have done toparts of the Old Testament (attempts have also been made toundermine the New Testament in such a manner but far lesssuccessfully).
I want to introduce our readers to a number of links/writingswhich expose the sadly flawed Graf/Wellhausen Documentary SourceHypothesis.

Just what is this system (often known as the 'JEDP'system)?

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A deadly hypothesis denying that Moses had anything to …

Happily now at last there isa welcome and growing trend among scholars to view the Pentateuchas a literary unit again.

Despite this, there are still websites around which present theDocumentary Theory as though it was the very latest learning,apparently unaware that many of the points which they make havelong since been disproven/overturned.

The tragedy of all this is that for over a hundred years manyTheology and Religious Studies students have been indoctrinatedin a system which wholly discredits the claims of the OldTestament to be the inspired Word of God.

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