If you have an eating disorder, you find help.

The Eating Disorders Association defines this condition as "…outward signs of inner emotional or psychological distress or problems." - believing that people cope with the difficulties in their life though food....

All eating disorders have similar characteristics.

Yes, people are dying through Eating Disorders.
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The term “eating disorder” is one that makes people cringe.

Even a doctor was surprised by my treatment and now uses it to treat eating disorders.

But please do not take my word for it as you have to make up your own mind, so here are some testimonials I have had from people who have used the treatment:

An eating disorder is an issue or unhealthy relationship with food.

But with the help and patient nurturing given by you the professionals, family and friends, people suffering from Eating Disorders can find a better way of coping with their lives.

This detrimental eating disorder affects one’s mind just as much as it would the body.
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and I am the mother of a girl (Amy) who suffered from severe Anorexia Bulimia since age 13. Her battle with this disorder lasted nearly 10 years.

She nearly died in hospital once but luckily survived. And it was this episode that became a turning point for both of us. I promised myself I would do whatever it took to find the right treatment for Anorexia-Bulimia regardless of the cost, and I did.

I am now offering an individual home treatment program I developed during the years of battling with Amy's anorexia-bulimia to help as many people as I can.

But not only that I have the full support of a medical doctor who was also an anorexia-bulimia sufferer herself. But more importantly she also cured herself using similar neuroplastictic methods. Between us you now have a full treatment program that works.

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just turned 12 when I caught her always looking at herself in the mirror. She would ask me if I thought she put on weight. I told her of course not, she always looked just right to me for her age.

You know, I never even thought anything was wrong. I took it as just being a teenage thing and really thought no more about it. I remember myself in those teenage years worrying about my looks and going on diets and silly stuff like that, it was what a lot of my friends did also.

The trigger for Amy's Anorexia-Bulimia was a major disappointment when she was 13. Amy just loved to perform and she was good at it and she had a real passion for dancing. She always said that she wanted to be a dancer when she grew up and if any dancing came on TV she would not miss it. Even if there was a family outing or a birthday party, if dancing was on TV she would refuse to go, until the show had ended.

It was the 18 November 1996 that I believe was the trigger for the 10 years of hell we were about to face. Amy had been practicing for months to get into the school drama group. It was the auditions for the Christmas extravaganza and Amy wanted so badly to get the lead role.

Two days before the auditions she got ill and by the time her trials came she was not in good health. She failed to get the lead role; in fact she was so bad she did not even make the play. When she was leaving the stage I heard one of the girls who was successful say, I told you you’re too fat.

Amy just sobbed and sobbed all night in her room there was nothing I could do, absolutely nothing. I remember saying to my husband John that she will cry herself out and in a couple of days she would be that lovable girl we knew: how wrong this statement turned out to be.

I have heard Anorexia described by another sufferer as being like getting on an escalator that you can’t get off. It just keeps going and you don’t even know how you got on in the first place, all you know is the floor has changed. You think you are in control at first but then it takes control of you and there is nothing you can do about it.

This is basically what happened to Amy, I believe she got on the escalator the night of the auditions looking for something she could control, but only found the Devil instead.

After suffering from Anorexia for a long time and regularly attending counseling, Amy seemed to improve: but the improvement was false as I realized later. Amy was eating large amounts of food but sneaking away to the bathroom and making herself sick. She had developed Bulimia.

People like Amy become very good at hiding their disorder and even though I was aware and on the lookout for any change she completely fooled me. If you are in this position at the moment be very careful and take nothing at face value.

It was the Bulimia that nearly cost Amy her life. I had to go away for a 3 week business trip and during that time Amy was binge eating and purging up to 15 times a day. Her potassium levels dropped to dangerously low levels and she collapsed ending up in hospital.

When I saw her in the hospital she looked absolutely terrible, I hardly recognized her she was so

Surviving and thriving after a 6-year battle with an eating disorder

Having an eating disorder for a short period of time can make us feel good about ourselves by taking away overwhelming misconceptions, but a continuous eating disorder can lead to some major complications and much stress from starving....

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Many times eating disorders could be less prevalent, but throughout today’s era eating disorders have increased significantly; the most common eating disorder, anorexia nervosa has increased three times over the past forty years (Bäck, 2011).

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And sadly, Eating Disorders are on the increase at a disturbing rate, affecting a growing number of men and women and a growing number of children.