Economical Views In The 2000 Presidential Election

The great tragedy of this election campaign was the shallow nature of the economic debate. There was much rowing about tax and spend, but very little about other, equally vital issues. The next government’s inbox will be full.

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Needless to say, there are myriad factors that could further delay a tightening in interest rates. One involves the fifth big risk to the economy: the never-ending eurozone crisis. The most recent highlight of the ongoing Greek tragi-comedy has been the suggestion from one of the European Central Bank’s board members that to pay its civil servants if it runs out of cash. Greece’s grand attempt to defy reality and the laws of economics will doubtless end in tears.

It was held on Tuesday, November 7, 2000

Because the Bank of England is independent, none of this was discussed during the election campaign. But it really matters: a could still end up being the defining economic event of this Parliament. It is not just tax and fiscal policy that matters: monetary policy is just as important.

During the election campaign the major parties focused on economic issues, job creation and welfare projects.
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Because the UK has now become a net oil importer, we are a net loser, in GDP terms, from a higher oil price: the losses to consumers and corporate energy users are no longer outweighed by the gains to North Sea oil producers. That said, like with everything else in economics, the impact of a major shift in the price of such an important commodity is complex.

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Kim Chong-in, was formerly President Park's chief election campaigner and economic advisor, but joined the Minjoo Party in January 2016, criticizing the government's economic policies.

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